Friday, September 15, 2023

Flowers and play-fights for your Friday

I think I mentioned propagating African violet starts from the plants at my office job. Blogpal A is an African violet expert, so I contacted her about how to do it. We did a Zoom call and she walked me through the process. A year(?) later, I have seven happy plants blooming (or budding) away and a very impressed boss! (Believe me, I give A all the credit.)

Last Sabbath afternoon, Rick and I loaded up the dogs and drove to Swan Island Dahlias to enjoy the blooms. Yeah, I took a lot of photos. 😉 How could I not???

not my big hand, but still....

This is my big hand; the range of size and form is incredible!

this is Firepot, and I want to get some

this is China Doll, the other variety I want to get

On the way home, we were passed by emergency vehicles. A few miles later, we caught up with them at the scene of a horrific wreck. It looked like two totaled barely-recognizable-as-cars and a big box truck laying on its side, and as we passed, I glanced  over and saw a woman in the driver's seat of the vehicle facing the road. Later we learned that she was already dead, and her mother in the passenger's seat died as well – and that all the wreckage was one car, torn in two by the impact when the truck crossed the center line and hit it. It could have happened to us; it could happen to ANY of us. One instant without time to react, and your time here is up. It was a good reminder to "live each day as though it were your last," the latter part of a saying I heard a lot growing up. For me, that means always remembering Who is most important; Who I am accountable to.

To end on a lighter note, here are videos of what happens here every day, several times a day. Dogs are not only excellent companions – they are great entertainment!

And today, for the first time in ages, Poppy got to play with her littermate Penny. Don't they look ferocious?

But it was all in good fun and sisterhood.

That's it for this Friday from . . .


Leigh said...

Oh, your flowers are absolutely glorious! I love how the pup pictures pop up. So cute to watch Poppy and Leo playing.

I agree about remembering for Whom we are to live. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

A :-) said...

You were a good student, Michelle :-) And your violets look beautiful. I'm so glad I could help you with them!! The Dahlias really brightened my day today as I continue to fight this stupid COVID virus. I'm sorry you had to witness that accident. How awful. My mom always used to say that tomorrow is promised to no one, a quote that has been attributed to both Walter Payton and Client Eastwood - but believe me, my mom was saying it long before either of them. For me, it's about truly living my life in the best way I can.

Jeanne said...

Michelle, your African violets are lovely! You have done a great job! I used to have a bunch of violets, but now Marlys and I are into orchids. They do really well on the north kitchen window. It's really fun to nurse them along, and then to see them re-bloom. They're a little more picky than the African violets, though.

I really enjoyed all your pictures of the dahlias. Do they sell the tubers there? The one of Leo made me chuckle! I wasn't expecting it. Poppy looked really cute, in her picture, too.

Leo and Poppy playing on the couch is really cute. Leo wort of went thump, didn't he?!

Michelle said...

Well, not MY flowers, Leigh, but I sure enjoy them!

A, I just read your blog before finding your comment. So sorry you are still suffering from COVID symptoms! Glad the dahlia photos helped a little.

Jeanne, I only have one African violet at home but four orchids; I love them, too. Yes, Swan Island Dahlias sells tubers but not during the festival (wrong season); you can place your order now, though. Leo "thumps" often; it never fazes him!