Sunday, December 18, 2022

Gone girl; new girls; knits/purls

Gracie in the arms of her adoptive "aunt" (sister of new "mom")

After some final time together with us and Leo this morning, Gracie left for her new home today. The new owner (and her sister) were thrilled, and all the text reports I've gotten so far have been glowing. Leo is doing fine at home with Poppy; the only one struggling is Rick, who is feeling bad that brother and sister had to be parted. He still hasn't stated definitively that we are keeping Leo, but I can tell he's leaning that way. My main objection is the adoption cost; people, it is a LOT. I would rather get this little munchkin, a half-sister of Poppy's, next month when she is old enough:

But for now, at least, this is Poppy's playmate, now wearing a collar we had on hand that fits him instead of the harness:

Our new hens from the neighbors came in two trips. I only intended to get three of their six mixed-breed pullets hatched out this year, but when I happened to net one of their year-and-a-half Easter Egger hens first, I decided to keep her, too. I do love Easter Eggers!
This is Lady E, the Easter Egger

This is Ash, a crossbred pullet

The white splash pullet in front is Puff

The bigger white splash pullet behind is Pearl

Ash and Pearl look to be part Easter Egger; Puff looks quite different even though she has cheek tufts. Supposedly all three were sired by a Crévecoeur rooster; I think Puff takes after him. One of the white girls gave me a blue egg today, so that's fun!

I've managed a little knitting this month, making these mitts and hat with some stashed commercial yarn. They ended up man-sized and I don't know any men who would wear fingerless mitts, so into the gift stash they went.

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Anonymous said...

Sad day for all but glowing reports are due to great parenting (& lots of hard work)! Congrats to all! Pretty hens, interested to know what other color eggs they lay?

Wishing you and yours a relaxing and wonderful holiday season!


marlane said...

You made my laugh out loud with what you said about Brian in your last post. I do miss your comments at my blog. But I understand how busy you are. Just remember that you will have TWO Poppies if you go for that adorable baby.

Michelle said...

Kind of you to day, Dee. As for egg colors, it might be hard to tell now that all the hens are together. Yesterday's blue egg was laid when the new white girls were still in a separate cage. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, too!

Marlane, it isn't that I'm too busy to comment on your blog, it's that your blog settings won't LET me comment for some reason; believe me, I've tried!

Leigh said...

Great pics, Michelle. So glad Gracie found a good home.

A :-) said...

I don't know that I could have let Gracie go . . . but I know you are more used to letting animals go since you are on a farm. Happy for the new hens - I hope they lay you lots of eggs :-) You might be surprised - fingerless mitts over work gloves give another layer of warmth. Maybe there's a guy who would like that :-)

Michelle said...

Leigh, glad you and A could comment; I've been notified via email that some can't for some reason. Frustrating all around!

A, Gracie was high-maintenance, needing constant supervision OR crate time because she was not housebroken and training her to be so was proving very difficult. Life is quieter and easier with her gone, which I needed! Excellent thoughts about the fingerless mitts; I wonder if one of our neighbors would like the set....

Jeanne said...

Michelle, for your sake, I'm happy to know that Gracie has gone to another home. It can be so difficult, trying to house train some dogs. The two most recent ones we've had, (both Marlys's service dogs) each had a bit of a problem at first. The Shih Tzu came from a home where they used "puppy pads" for all of the dogs in the house. He had been here for a while, when Marlys saw him start to go potty in the kitchen, and yelled "NO!" and grabbed him up and took him outside, where he finished his duty. That was all it took. After that he always went outside. Rico came from CA. We don't know what kind of a situation he was in. He was willing to go potty outside, but he lifted his leg on her bed, a couple of times, which was very upsetting. It didn't take too long to convince him to wait till he got outside.

I like the looks of your new chickens, and the thoughts of pretty-colored eggs is very appealing. Lady E is very pretty! And I like the pictures of Leo and Poppy at play.

Poppy's little half sister is a real cutie!

Michelle said...

Good to hear from you, Jeanne! There's another post just before this that you might have missed; I actually did TWO in quick succession. I haven't heard from Gracie's new 'mom' since Sunday, so I do hope things are going okay there. Leo is doing well here; he and Poppy are playing even more.