Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Life is a rollercoaster ride

Landing in Oregon a week ago today was ecstasy in spite of the whirlwind I knew awaited me. But I did take a couple hours to just check in with everybody and 'smell the roses,' so to speak. Poppy greeted me with much 'hugging and kissing,' which fed my dog-loving soul. A bouquet awaited me on the table, my smallest orchid has buds, and flowers outside are popping:

I got to meet my newest flock member, and then decided to take her and Bette outside for a photo shoot

while the rest of the 'fold of misfit toys' got a little pasture time:

I turned the horses out to play,

and then had to hurry to get ready for a concert that night. I had purchased tickets to Black Violin two years ago for a late 18th birthday / early graduation gift for Brian, and after two pandemic delays, it was finally happening March 8:

Yes, all that was packed into my first afternoon and evening home! But wait; there's more. After a late concert in Portland and little more than two hours' sleep, Rick and I were up and at 'em again to get him to the airport for a 5:15 flight to Indiana. That was the other reason I needed to be home by March 8; to take my turn holding down the fort.

Stayed tuned for how that's been going at . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Welcome home! Loved the animal pictures. Especially the lamb and Stella!

Mama Pea said...

Well, life certainly has not slowed down for you since you've been home. Phew!!

Jeanne said...

Michelle, I'm so glad to get a blogpost from you again!
I knew you would be busy, but whoa! That exceeds what I imagined!
Here's hoping things will slow down some!
Little Boop is so adorable!!

Tim B. Inman said...

Holly Mackerel, Andy! Love the animal pics. Orchids are on my 'someday to try' list. Cheers

Michelle said...

Elaine, I have a lot more lamb photos, but it's a new one and a bottle baby so now time is at an even BIGGER premium!

No, Mama Pea, it hasn't – and I'm TIRED.

Jeanne, I don't think I see a slow-down on the horizon. It was ridiculously optimistic of me to buy a jigsaw puzzle last week!

Tim, the 'grocery store' phalaenopsis that I have are very easy, and when they bloom, the flowers last for WEEKS!

Susan said...

Good golly! No moss growing under those feet! I would love to see Black Violin - they sound fantastic! Such beautiful lambs, sheep and horses (and puppy)xoxox Hope you can get a few minutes to breathe. xo