Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Look up

Continuing my 'thematic blogposts,' here are the sky shots I've taken so far this year, at various times of day and all from home but for the mid-day cloudscape. Each scene was a gift, arresting my attention, blessing me with beauty, and giving me momentary respite from the current burdens of heart and mind.

Sunrise and sunset colors from the same day, looking ESE and ENE respectively. Love the reflected color in the arena puddle!

One of those sunrises that kept getting more spectacular, holding me spellbound despite a certain persistent cat's demands for attention. I stepped off our deck to catch Mt. Hood's sideshow.

Dramatic sky over Brooks Winery and vineyards very close to home:

Evening colors to the west:

Just another stunning sunrise:

On a different day, with sun already risen, shading valley fog pastel pretty (that last photo has lots of interesting detail if you double-click to biggify):

That's it for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Wow, you do have the views from your place! Beautiful.

Michelle said...

Yes, we are definitely 'situationally blessed.' 😊

A :-) said...

So beautiful - and you have the perfect access to see them :-)

Mokihana said...

Haven't our sunsets been glorious lately?! You have such wonderful views of them, and I love your photos. Thanks for sharing God's masterpieces!

Retired Knitter said...

Your skies are absolutely the best! And so is that cat of yours!!

Michelle said...

Yes, we do, A.

You're welcome, Mokihana; I'm enjoying your photos of God's handiwork, too!

We live in a beautiful region, Elaine, that's for sure.

Jeanne said...

Michelle, you really were blessed with beautiful sky pictures! They are all so lovely. Thank you for sharing them.