Friday, January 21, 2022

A primarily Poppy post

Focusing on a one thing at a time is essential for accomplishing anything these days. I seem to have lost my ability to multi-task: is it stress, age, cumulative effects of mild concussion? Ha; probably all of the above! Anyway, today my "one thing" to help me blog is Poppy, my good pup. We started agility classes again last night, after a holiday break, and she did great; the teacher commented on her growing maturity and skills. I am going to ask one of my fellow class members to video us sometime.
Me and my dog on the first day of 2022. May we spend many more together!

Brian didn't want a "little dog," but has acknowledged that Poppy is pretty cool. She thinks he's pretty cool, too.

While Poppy waited for the guys to come home, I had fun with iPhone filters.

Sometimes a girl's just gotta zoom!

That's it for now on  the terrier at . . .


A :-) said...

She has really grown into herself, hasn't she? :-)

marlane said...

It is nice to see Brian and Poppy. He has grown into a handsome young man.

Retired Knitter said...

You can tell those two love to wrestle!! She sure is fast when she runs.

Michelle said...

She seems to be a well-adjusted doggy, A!

Marlane, as my maternal line would say, God has blessed him with a fair countenance. 😉

She is VERY fast, Elaine!

Mama Pea said...

I think your son and pup like each other! :o)

Annnnd she's off . . . . ZOOOOOM!

Jeanne said...

ZOOM! ZOOM!! ZOOM!!! Watching the videos, makes me think of little Rico, my daughter's service dog. He ZOOMs around the house, after coming in from his morning visit to the yard to do his "duty". The cat has a hard time trying to decide if she will play with him or not! Usually, it's NOT!

Brian and Poppy were having a good time, from the looks of it!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos.

Michelle said...

Like I said to someone in my prior post, Mama Pea, Brian likes any animal that acts like it really likes HIM. Poppy loves that he'll play vigorously with her.

Right after she comes inside is when Poppy most wants to play, too, Jeanne. In the winter I tend to think she is trying to warm up; I can't remember if she acts like this in the summer.