Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Slipping away

The last leaves adorning any of my Japanese maples.

Fall, that is. More like racing away, when I'd like it to slow down and stay awhile. But this is the time of year when we go from birthday to birthday to Thanksgiving to birthday to Christmas – and that's just in our household! Throw in Rick's annual equine veterinary conference, Christmas parties, the MIL's birthday, and, well, it can feel like I'm being carried along by an avalanche to January!

So before I lose my footing, here's some* photos. First, proof that my husband knows me well; I give you my birthday presents:

The orchid is lasting longer than the chocolates did. 😉

When it's not raining, the sunrises, sunsets, and assorted sky shows can be magnificent this time of year!

But look down; there are subtler treasures to see:

The blue eggs we're getting from Spangle and Splash are just so pretty, I decided to make Christmas ornaments out of some of them! Rick helped me blow out the first dozen; I've done six more by myself after learning some lessons. Today I glued hangers on and applied clear fingernail polish for shine and strength. Next I'll use snowflake stamps, glue, and assorted colors of glitter to jazz them up. There's no hurry; we don't have a tree or plans to get one yet!

Rick did decorate our entry gate with some fancy new Christmas lights. I stood outside the other night and took this video, and still didn't capture all the patterns they cycle through!

*'Critter-cam' photos yet to come.

'Tis the season for many things at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Wow, Michelle! Those pictures of the sky are some of the best you've shared . . . in my opinion anyway. :o) Belated happy birthday, to you! I had to laugh when you wrote the orchids have lasted longer than the chocolates. Totally understandable! Your egg ornaments are going to be lovely. Please post pictures when you're done decorating. And I think the new lights on your gate are a very festive touch for the holiday season. Nice post!

Retired Knitter said...

That Orchid is so beautiful. Now that I have a cat that leaves my plants alone, I might just have to get one myself. Your other pictures are stunning. Do you use a regular camera or do you get these shots with a phone?

Donna said...

Lovely photos and gifts. Enjoy your avalanche.

Tim B. Inman said...

Love the pics. What a beautiful orchid!!! I might have to give myself one and try my hand at it. Cheers

Michelle said...

Well, thank you, Mama Pea (although I can't take credit for the SKIES)!

All my photos are taken with an iPhone, Elaine.

I'm trying, Donna!

Do it, Tim! Rick has given me several orchids but this is the splashiest one by far. The first one he gave me rebloomed regularly for awhile, but none of them are doing that as much now. Not sure why. But they seem happy enough otherwise.

Jeanne said...

Wowza! What a great group of pictures. The Lord did bless you with some beautiful skies!

Belated Happy Birthday! I love that orchid! We have several older ones. Two of those are blooming right now after a break of a year or so. We have a new one gifted by our friend Jan. It's a beautiful large one. They do well on the north kitchen window sill. I'm glad you enjoyed your chocolate! That's good quality stuff.

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

A :-) said...

Happy Belated Birthday, my friend. All lovely photos - as usual :-) Did you really hide the truffles in your underwear drawer?! ;-D You should try their peppermint ones - only available at this time of year. They are amazing. My cleaning lady often gets me an orchid at Christmastime. I've managed to keep one of them going :-D

Michelle said...

I'm sure my older ones will rebloom eventually, Jeanne. The flowers last SO long; I shouldn't begrudge their rest break!

A, RICK hid the truffles in my underwear drawer – and I didn't find them until the afternoon when I went to take a shower! The peppermint Lindt are made with white chocolate, aren't they? I think that's why I haven't tried them; white chocolate is not my favorite.

Helen said...

You might want to give your orchids a 'feeding' of orchid food. I think it is only necessary once a year or one month out of the year...I'm no expert but anytime you get them to bloom (after the initial gift) is a win/win. Also I put mine out for the summer in a shady spot (east end of my porch). I had a friend who used to hang his from branches of a tree in his year. I think the key here is 'dapple' light. Love your posts and your eggs are beautiful as they are.

Michelle said...

Helen, I have been giving them orchid food regularly most of this year for the first time, and it hasn't made any difference that I can tell. They seemed to rebloom more reliably back when I watered them using ice cubes, but the orchid experts at the State Fair were HORRIFIED that I 'froze their toes' so I switched to liquid water. A friend of mine also puts hers outside for the summer.

A :-) said...

They are made with white chocolate (I'm allergic to chocolate so they are the only ones I can do), but they are REALLY good. You can get a little bag with only two truffles in it at Walgreens if you want to try them. But don't kill the messenger if they become your new obsession ;-D