Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Perils of Poppy

Yes, two posts in one day; don't panic!

That's because I decided to 'divide and conquer' the topics and photos piling up in my mental and laptop files. Although I could have worked Poppy into the previous post since she has a flower name.... 😉

Poppy leads a busy life. She plays, she hunts, she sleeps, she goes to agility class . . . and I even get photos of some of it!

She loves our bed – with or without company:

She's a good little traveler, and sometimes is rewarded with FUN! On Sunday Rick had to go to the coast on a vet emergency, so Poppy and I rode along. The client had a large mixed breed puppy, and they had a great time playing together (even thought they look like they're fighting 🤣):

Then we went to the beach for a walk:

She wants to get a seagull SO.BAD.

Yesterday while outside, she must have tangled with a bee or wasp, because she came back to the front door looking like Rocky Balboa:

She's almost back to normal now. I suspect she revisited something she killed; the yellowjackets go crazy for flesh this time of year. If I find something right away, I pitch it on top of the woodshed so the vultures (and wasps, I suppose) can clean it up from there. I did that last weekend with three of Poppy's catches. At first I thought she was playing another gopher – until I saw a long, hairless tail. Ugh; a RAT! After I got a closer look at it and the two smaller carcasses I thought were mice, I did some online research. Who knew there were so many species!?! What Poppy killed appeared to be an adult and two young Dusky-Footed Woodrats, which  now makes me kind of sad because these aren't your nasty city rats. Oh well; terriers will be terriers.

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Mama Pea said...

Tell Poppy not to feel bad. I look exactly the same way when I tangle with a bee or wasp. :o\ And have the pictures of my face and paw to prove it.

Michelle said...

She did feel pretty bad for awhile, Mama Pea. I know how I feel after a sting and she's a much smaller being getting the same amount of whatever they inject!

Retired Knitter said...

Dogs LOVE human beds. Probably because the bed is comfortable, but mostly because it smells like the people they love!

wyomingheart said...

Yikes! Milo gets in trouble with wasps from time to time, but for some reason that little Jack Russell blood, just smirks it off. He shakes his head, and then goes on doing what he was doing...of which I am very fortunate. We had citrus rats in Florida, and I abhor them. Thankfully, here on the ridge, we have never seen a rat... mice, chipmunks and squirrels is as bad as it gets ! Get a good week!

Jeanne said...

Awwww! Poor, sweet Poppy! It's not fun being stung! My dog once got stung on the ear, and boy did it swell up! Poor little Sadie! I hope by now, Poppy's face is back to normal now.

I don't relish you having to pick up those critters and toss them on the woodshed roof! I wouldn't want to do that!

Take care!

Michelle said...

So true, Elaine!

wyomingheart, this is the first rat I've ever seen here. If it was indeed a woodrat, it wouldn't have caused us any problems from what I read, unlike those nasty Norway rats.

Yes, Poppy's face is back to normal now, Jeanne. And I don't touch her kills; I use a pooper scooper to pick them up and toss them!

Mokihana said...

She's such a live wire, isn't she? It's fun to read and see her adventures.