Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Beauty and bounty

I posted this to Instagram>FB last week:

In spite of a lack of watering (the soaker hose I've used for them has failed), my daylilies are providing some color in the yard.

Rick and I took Poppy for a walk Sabbath afternoon and found more flowers:

Up in the garden, the flowers are less obvious but more fruitful:

I've eaten the first yellow cherry tomato; something helped itself to my first Matt's Wild Cherry tomato. 🤨 My tomatillo plants continue to go CRAZY; if I'd know they'd get so big I would have planted things differently. The eggplants seem to like their shade, but the pepper plants are struggling to find more light.

The zucchini, true to form, are producing well; hurray! I've harvested eight to date; Rick and I enjoyed the first two sautéd with onion, garlic, EVOO, and Penzey's Fox Point Seasoning, then tossed with whole wheat spaghetti. This morning I gave the neighbor three of the four I had just picked. She was delighted; they turned their garden plot into their chicken yard so have nothing planted this year. I really like the light green variety that was in the Renee's Seeds mix; need to save seeds for more of those next year!

This morning before it got too hot I chopped thistles and pulled tansy. Both noxious weeds are blooming now, and we don't want THOSE to go to seed.

That's it for food and flowers for now from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. Even in pictures! We have tansy and thistles here, too. Stubborn things to get rid of!

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, my efforts at eliminating them on our property has certainly helped reduce them, but seeds blow in from all around so I will always have "job security." Ha!

wyomingheart said...

That light green zucchini looks mighty fine! I made stuffed zucchini boats tonight, with our “ should have picked before they got big”,! I made an oven full, because they freeze well, and are perfect for a quick supper. Your photos are truly excellent! How’s that Little Rock Star? Have a terrific week!

Michelle said...

wyomingheart, Chuckie is almost always underfoot, which is why you can see a bit of him in the upper right corner of that last photo!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm toying with adding in some daylilies here. Yours are lovely!