Thursday, April 15, 2021

Is Ewe fat, fluffy, or fecund?

I have not been the productive shepherd this week that I need to be. I got Bridget sheared on Sunday, but that's it. Tuesday and Wednesday were opportunities lost to family drama – or rather to allowing myself to be paralyzed by the drama. Sigh.

Bridget started out fluffy,
but under all that wool it turns out she's fat, too!

As for the fecund, I managed to get a shot showing Blaise's and Vienna's developing udders by peeking through Stella's 'window.' (Sheep don't like to turn their backsides to anyone unless they are running away.) First-timer Blaise, on the left, is carrying her lamb(s) high and wide.

Here's the view I get if anyone notices me trying to get a photo:
That's very fluffy Bernadette.

This afternoon I let the ewes out and got ready to ride Stella. As I glanced out the window, I noticed that Blaise was off by herself. Hmm, that's notable. Her shape hasn't changed at all to indicate that lambing is imminent, but as I watched more intentionally Blaise definitely acted uncomfortable and preoccupied. I decided I'd better set up the lambing jug before riding, and wondered if I would need to skip agility class.
From left to right that's Vienna, Blaise, Sarai, and Bridget.

Cleaning out the corner of the fold so I could set up the chain-link panels and put down fresh straw took longer than I planned, so Stella didn't get ridden. But I did get Blaise ensconced and took Poppy to agility, figuring lambing would take awhile, if indeed it is that close. The lambs (I'm thinking twins now) haven't dropped, so maybe they were just kicking up their heels and making Blaise really uncomfortable. There are more subtle changes, though.

I am crossing fingers and toes that Blaise either lambs tomorrow or waits until next week. We have a guest speaker coming for church and an afternoon seminar, and they are coming to our house for dinner between the two. I don't want to miss his message or be distracted by lambing; the dinner itself is challenging enough. Not only does everything have to be ready so we can dash home, eat, and get back to the church for the 3:00 meeting; one member of the visiting speaker's family can't have gluten, dairy, corn, sugar, or rice! They said not to worry about accommodating her; they would bring food she could eat. But I really wanted to fix a dinner that all could eat, and surprised myself by coming up with an acceptable menu using things I have on hand –except for fresh parsley, which I purchased today (I thought I'd have some volunteer parsley in our garden, but didn't.) Let me know in the comments if you're curious about what I'll be serving. 😊

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Retired Knitter said...

I often feel bad for people with so many limitations in their diets. They miss out on some lovely things. I have a cousin who was hospitalized as a child many times for allergic reactions to food. So scary! And although he has managed his foods well enough to avoid hospitalizations, he still has reactions at times. He is in his 60s now. And then there are the reactions that just make you feel sick - but won’t kill you. So yes, I would love to know what you made.

I am menu planning too. I am expecting my sister and my cousin for the first weekend of May - we are going to “shop” virtually at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival sitting at my dining room table - together finally in more than a year! All of us vaccinated. I don’t want to spend time in the kitchen cooking, (my least favorite activity) while they are here but I need feed folks so it takes time identify just the right kinds of foods that are good and fast!

wyomingheart said...

Very curious! That’s quite a tall order! Interesting!

Fran said...

Oh course we are curious. I would start with a pan of roasted vegetables, squash, turnips, carrots, potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli and/or cauliflower, etc. A large spinach salad, with strawberries or blueberries or hard boiled egg for interest. What a challenging set of foods to avoid. Maybe bread on the side for those who can eat it.

Deb Hillyer said...

Yes, I am curious about your menu. I'm also enjoying the lamb postings. I am a city girl so this is all new and fascinating to me.

Michelle said...

Your wish is my desire! (And Fran, roasted vegetables sound WONDERFUL, but I have a limited variety on hand and find those best served fresh out of the oven.) I am making cauliflower curry (it uses coconut milk, and I am subbing hard boiled eggs for the tofu), which will be served over brown rice or quinoa, diner's choice. Sides are Thai Carrot Salad (needed parsley for this) and Dilly Beans. Dessert will be homemade fruit sorbet with Amaranth Spice Cookies. Email me if you want any recipes.

Mama Pea said...

Good job of being as ready as you possibly can for the possible lambing, your guests and the dinner squished in between the two gatherings. Sometimes it feels like the planning takes more time than the actual events. Even if the lambs should come at the most inappropriate time, your guests would happily forego a leisurely meal to see the birthing or brand spanking new lambies!

Mokihana said...

I agree... lambing would be a real treat for your guests. I can't wait to see videos of gamboling lambies!

Jeanne said...

Hm! Your guest's diet sounds an awful lot like mine and Marlys's! Marlys has also had to eliminate all grains. I've been gluten free for almost 38 years! Sheesh! That makes me sound really old! We do a sort of paleo diet, which, once you are used to doing it, isn't too bad. I think we'd both be comfortable having lunch with you!! :-) I hope it all works out well. I'd love to have a look at your recipes! Do you plan to post them, or email them to those who are interested?

I'm really looking forward to seeing sweet lambs. I hope you'll have two to sent pictures of.

I hope your day goes well tomorrow!

Michelle said...

So far no lambs, and Blaise is back to eating with the flock today.

Mama Pea and Mokihana, I don't know HOW the guests would feel if they got to indulge in lambs rather than lunch! (I can't assume that all people are as creature-centric as I am. 😉) But for my followers, who obviously DO crave lamby-goodness, believe me, there WILL be photos and videos!

Jeanne, I've always said that I could adapt to about any dietary restrictions if I had to; it's mostly a matter of mind. I am happy to email recipes to those interested, so let me know which ones you want.

wyomingheart said...

Ok...what the heck are dilly beans? Sounds fun!

Michelle said...

Spicy dill-pickled green beans, wyomingheart; they are a favorite here!