Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Nothing – and everything – has changed

They are a beautiful group of girls!

It's been another week, and still no eggs from our nine vacationing or retiring hens. But a friend of mine just ordered 19 chicks and five ducklings(!) and is going to sell me some replacements after raising them for a few months. I will take as many as my chicken accommodations can comfortably and safely handle at that time; time will tell how many that is.
A new day, and administration, dawns

I see a fitting analogy in this rotting squash sprouting!
It's been four years since Trump's "American Carnage" inaugural speech, which was clearly more prediction than reflection. Here's to today's theme, "America United," being prophetic as well, although I am under no illusions that the dark and hateful underbelly of our troubled nation will disappear or even lessen. But each of us can continue to focus on what we can do in our sphere to be 'light' and 'life.' In the words of the song we sang for praise service last Sabbath: "Brighten the corner where you are."

Well-run COVID-19 vaccination operation at the county fairgrounds
In just one day I've gone from 'sound' to 'sore,' although one area of soreness is a hopeful sign of greater soundness to come. The Oregon state veterinarian recently communicated to all practitioners that they and their staff are in the "1A" group for COVID-19 vaccinations, so Rick made appointments for the three of us in our clinic to get our first shot yesterday. Today my upper left arm is a little sore, which is simply a sign that my immune response is working. Afterwards, Poppy got to play with her good friend Glory (my good friend's Flat-Coated Retriever) as well as the office manager's dog for the first time at the clinic. Glory brought her treasured duck decoy, and Poppy absconded with it. Apparently she wants to add "retriever" her to her already extensive resumé that includes "vermin killer," "agility dog," "BFF," and "supermodel."

P.S. Loving the iPhone 12 mini's Portrait mode; it makes getting good photos of a black dog easy!

The other area of soreness is a blessed reminder of protection. Yesterday I was riding Lance and ponying Stella and a wreck ensued. I came off Lance but hung onto the reins so he couldn't try to kill Stella like he did the last time he was loose in the arena with her, which resulted in him dancing around on top of me. The only damage is to the muscle and skin on the back of my right thigh, which looks spectacularly awful right now but it isn't my femur or my knee or my torso (head was protected, as always, by my helmet). Rick ultrasounded the area last night and said it looked like the muscle was mostly just bruised and the swelling didn't look like a hematoma, but I'm going to the doctor's this afternoon as a precaution. Throwing a blood clot is a bit of a concern; prayers appreciated.

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Mama Pea said...

Oh, Michelle, no broken bones is a blessed thing, but ouch! That swelling looks awful. Please let us know what the doctor said at your appointment. Sending a prayer for quick healing and no side effects. You're gonna be one sore gal for a while. I'm thinking it will be hard to sit down.

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, the doctor said to keep icing it at least twice a day, apply compression, and stay active to reduce risk of throwing a clot; he thought things would heal with time. So I came home, put on some compression capris and am icing it now. I rode Lance earlier, and am on track to get my 12,000 steps today, so have already been staying active. Fortunately, sitting isn't too bad.

Retired Knitter said...

Yikes! That looks painful. Glad it is less than it looks. I guess that is a risk when handling large animals. Poppy knows. :-)

A :-) said...

Holy S . . .

That looks terrible, Michelle. I'm really glad you went to the doctor. And I'm thrilled that you were able to get your first shot of the vaccine!!! That is wonderful news. I'm so anxious to get mine - but I'm 1C or possibly 2. I'm hoping for 1C because of asthma and being too roundy. Glad to hear you like the new iPhone. My current 7Plus's battery only charges now up to 70% so I'm considering a new phone.

Tim B. Inman said...

Dang! Well, at least it takes your mind off the sore shoulder. Glad you got the jab.

These things are what I consider a 'cost of doing business.' The cost of 'not doing business' is rot. I favor being active, and dealing with the consequences. Good for you.

I love the 'Brighten the corner you're in' line. Perfect!

Debbie said...

Glad things went well with the doctor visit. It still looks sore.

take care.

Michelle said...

I wouldn't say it is "less than it looks," Elaine; it is VERY tender. You're right; I hadn't thought about the fact that it was one of Lance's big feet that did this to me AND broke my Poppy!

It looks worse today, A, and I'm sure will go through many more colorful stages. I demurred at first on the vaccine because so many more people NEED it more than I do, but then decided that shouldn't stop me. Verizon offered me an incredible deal on the iPhone 12 mini with a trade-in of my 8, and yes, I like it very much.

Yep, Tim, definitely a cost of doing business when it comes to horses. Still so thankful it wasn't worse!

Debbie, when I uncovered the bruise both the doctor and the nurse exclaimed in surprise; it was kinda funny! I imagine it will be very sore for awhile.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, dang! Sure hope the doctor doesn't find anything worse than you're expecting. Hugs dear girl as you hobble around.

Jeanne said...

OWIE!! I'm very sorry about your accident! Your leg looks very painful. I'm glad you went to the doctor. Had to smile, when you told about him and his nurse gasping at the sight of it. I pray for quick and complete healing.

I enjoyed the pics of Poppy and her doggie friends, especially the part about the duck decoy! She looked so cute with it!

I'm thankful that you got your first COVID vaccine. I don't know if I qualify or not. I'm certainly old enough!!

Take good care of that leg!

Donna said...

Wow Michelle- I hope you are OK!

Michelle said...

I think it's appearance is the worst of it, Sue! Doing fine as long as I don't bump it or jump – it doesn't like to be jarred!

Jeanne, I would think you and your daughter might qualify! I wouldn't have known or pursued it had the state vet not initiated it. You might check with the county health department. I know there is a vaccination set-up at the state fairgrounds in Salem.

Thanks, Donna; I'm probably moving about with less discomfort than you and Tom.

Jeanne said...

Michelle, because of my age (80) I qualify in the 2 group, which means I might be able to get the vaccine by Feb. 8th. I searched the Lane County Public Health site, and found it difficult to use. It's hard to explain. Marlys is less than 65, but has definite health problems. Our PCP told her this morning that she would see to it that both of us get on the list at their clinic. Not sure if that will help much. I'll let you know, when I find out more.

I hope your leg is feeling better! I'll bet the coloring is worse, though! Is that actually the BACK of your leg?? You have my sympathy, in any case. I'm praying for quick healing for you.

Michelle said...

Jeanne, I do hope your PCP can get you both vaccinated sooner rather than later. It won't change the precautions we should all be taking, but it does add a level of security. As for my leg, yes, that's the back of my thigh.