Tuesday, January 26, 2021

News, but no time (THAT'S not new)

So we've gone from a much-too-balmy January to this:

It started Sunday with much cooler temps and occasional snowflakes mixed in with the drizzle. My weather app has been predicting a 100% chance of snow today, but the big-city meteorologists didn't agree. What other profession winks at such failure? 🤷‍♀️

The progression of today's weather went from a few flakes (might as well turn the sheep out), to flurries (I'd better get Lance exercised!), to sticking (it'll be fun filming a black horse in the snow), to accumulation (whoa; SIX INCHES!?!). That should be it, but we'll see.

Mama Pea asked for a follow-up photo of my bruise, the result of my big bruiser of a mustang stepping on me a week ago today. That's hard to do, given its location, size and scope, but here you go!

I have lots more photos to share, but just got hit with an unexpected avalanche of end-of-year payroll tax work to do. Envy me (NOT)!

That's it for today from . . .


Mokihana said...

Oh gosh, you got 'way more snow than we did. I love the photo of Stella in it. The contrast of her dark coat and the white snow is awesome!

Three weeks ago I accidentally slammed my leg between the door of my van and the door frame. My bruise looked about like yours does and it's better but still quite visible. Are you using Arnica on yours? I've found that it's really been helping mine. Praying for a quick healing for you, and I have been ever since I read your post about it.

Michelle said...

We certainly got more than I expected! I have used some arnica cream on my bruise a couple times; can't tell it does much. DMSO is my 'bruise treatment' of choice, but I never took the time to lay on my stomach to apply it and let it absorb – plus with an abrasion it would have burned like fire. Thanks for the prayers!

Retired Knitter said...

That Stella! I know I do not have the best eye for horses, but really. She is a beauty. Something about her lines makes her, it just say sleek, female to me.

You have had more snow than we have had. I want just ONE big decent snow. It just isn’t winter for me without it.

Mama Pea said...

HO-ly Chinook! That's got to be the winner of all big bruises anyone wants to ever have! It's amazing that you survived with as little damage to your poor body as you did. Good to see that the awful swelled lump has almost disappeared. That looked worrisome.

What gorgeous pictures of your snowfall! I know you hold no fond memories of winter in Minnesota (!), but we haven't even had close to a 6" snowfall here yet. Yours will no doubt melt, for which I know you're glad, but it really is beautiful while it lasts.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Michelle! Your leg still looks pretty bad, but it has definitely improved. I'm very thankful for that! Is it still pretty painful? The lump you had was really huge. My dad used to use DMSO, but I really don't know anything about it.

I knew from the weather reports, that the west side of the Willamette valley was having a lot of nasty weather. Really bad on the area around Shore Acres. (Have you ever been there?) We had rain yesterday, which turned to snow. That only lasted a few hours, and it all melted when it hit the ground. Then it rained more. The temps have stayed above freezing, which is fine with me!!

Your snow pictures are SO beautiful! Has it melted yet? I love watching the snow come down.

The picture of Stella is great! She's so lovely!

What does Poppy think of the snow?

Have a good day!! God bless you!

Michelle said...

Elaine, your eye is just fine; Stella IS very beautiful and feminine! I took a video of her running and bucking in the snow flurries; eventually I plan to post it on my horse blog.

The lump is still there, Mama Pea, but the feeling is returning to what was numb; I take that as a good sign. Our snow is melting slowly off the branches, but the ground is still covered. I'm going to take the 4WD pick-up to town when I have to go this afternoon; not sure my little VW could make it out our driveway and up our gravel lane!

Jeanne, the injured area is still very tender if bumped, but otherwise okay. The snow is slowly melting, but our world is still white. Poppy didn't even seem to notice the soft, fluffy snow yesterday, dashing through it trying to catch the now very visible birds. But this morning there was a crust of ice on top which she indicated was uncomfortable to move through.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yikes! Glad you are "okay". Enjoy that beautiful snow, ponies and puppy :-).

A :-) said...

I second the vote for Arnica, Michelle. Neal's Yard is the one I prefer - discovered it in London years ago and picked up more when I was last in Edinburgh. Now available in the US! Here's a link: https://us.nealsyardremedies.com/arnica-salve/12694966.html

That really is a horrible bruise. I think some of how arnica works is that you are massaging it in. I think that massaging the area gently brings healing to the area - since you are concerned over a possible clot you might check with your doc first, but I've had good luck with this Arnica in particular. in my family we call it "bruise cream." (I, unfortunately, couldn't use it this summer when I fell and split my knee open because because it was an open wound).

bornfreev said...

Oh my, is that a hummingbird on the window feeder?! In the snow?

Michelle said...

The snow is gone now, Sara, but it was beautiful!

I've now used both the arnica cream and the DMSO several times. The DMSO really starts to burn after a bit; I hope that means it's scavenging free radicals in the site. The bruise is fading now, but there are bumps and ridges in the muscle, as well as a significant fluid pocket, that remain.

Yes, bornfreev, we have Anna's hummingbirds that overwinter here!