Friday, June 12, 2020

Sons and sisters (with photos now!)

Hard to believe it was just a week ago that Brian was still scrambling to get as much of his put-off schoolwork done as possible before the day's end-of-year (end of HIGH SCHOOL) deadline and fighting with me about whether to do that or go help decorate for graduation (he wanted to do the latter and I wasn't taking him if he still had outstanding schoolwork). He did, indeed, graduate, and even got a 95% on his Physics senior project(!) – although that didn't bring his grade up above a D. 😒 The weekend was a rollercoaster, with a sullen student seated between us for the Senior Tribute on Zoom Saturday night followed by a glowing tribute he had written to us read at graduation the next day. He was also awarded a generous scholarship to the university at which he is accepted for his combined grades/ACT score (a little bigger than we expected), the weather held until after the ceremony and drive-through reception, and a lot of wonderful friends came to the reception, surprising Brian with their support. That included our friends who have Poppy's sister Penny; they parked so the girls could play together for awhile which was such fun to watch. They clearly recognized each other and act SO much alike – two "P's" in a pod!
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My 'tribute rose' with matching spinning project

The diploma hand-off!

The week since has been a bit of a blur. I had to work Monday, so Tuesday was a recuperation day – in other words, I didn't get much done! On Wednesday, our 36th wedding anniversary, Rick had to take his mother to Portland for a doctor's appointment and I had to take Brian to Salem for an eye appointment. (Rick's mother hasn't driven beyond her local community in a couple years because of her failing eyesight and finally sold her car this week – hallelujah! – and Brian isn't driving because of his grades and attitude.) By the time we got home from our various responsibilities, there wasn't much time or energy for celebrating, so we companionably watched a couple episodes of Doc Martin and called it a night. Rick did bring me a dozen roses and a new blooming orchid, though, both in "sunshine yellow," a surprising but beautiful choice.

Yesterday I worked at the office again, while Brian worked for Rick's client for the first time since March. He worked for her again today, so he has a good start on his share of the next installment of our automobile insurance. He is using his graduation money gifts to get the computer he'll need for his engineering program at college – and a .22 rifle he's had his eye on for over a year. Our gift to him was a big Craftsman tool set (and a pair of his favorite jeans), which he is thrilled with.

Graduation doesn't seem like it's changed anything as we head into another summer of parenting and trying to encourage our offspring to work hard, be responsible, and look to his future. Brian has a standing offer to drive combine for the same custom farming outfit he drove for last summer, but that doesn't start for at least 3-4 weeks so we've encouraged him to look for other work. But just like graduation already seems like a distant memory, so, too, will this last summer feel in just three months when he heads off to college. Days crawl, and years fly.

Crawling and flying at . . .


Mama Pea said...

Time marches on, things change. This summer will rocket by for you two soon-to-be empty nesters. I'm assuming Brian will be attending college far enough away that he will no longer be living at home? That's going to feel very different for you. I feel sorry for all the kids who graduated from high school this year. But then their unusual graduation will always be a topic of conversation throughout their lives. Definitely different which will set them apart from all other graduating classes.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Brian's introduction to the world of engineering may be a shock to him. Same for college in general. Let's hope it wakes him up and he applies himself. Meanwhile, you and Rick are doing a good job as parents Hang in there.

FYI on Instagram, I'm soupybirdgirl so if you see comments, its me.

Leigh said...

I think a huge congratulations are in order for your whole family! I assume Brian will be living on campus? That will definitely feel strange for you. They grow up all too fast!

Michelle said...

There are photos now!

Yes, Mama Pea, the college of his choice is five hours away.

Sue, good to know who that new follower on IG is! Yes, I'm afraid of how big a shock college in general and engineering in particular are going to be!

Thanks, Leigh; one hurdle down. :-)

Wanda said...

Congratulations!!! You (and Brian, with much persistent, persuasion from you) did it!

Beautiful roses and orchid. Watching a couple episodes of Doc Martin is a very acceptable way to celebrate your 36th anniversary.

Yes, the days sometime seem to crawl while the years always fly swiftly past.

Tim B. Inman said...

Doc Martin! One of my wife's cousins is a retired surgeon. He IS Doc Martin!! I watch that show and just laugh. The guy is absolutely brilliant - but with all of Doc's bedside manners. Oh My!

And you make me smile with your stories about Brian's project and grade. I had a high school English teacher who had a thing with me - and me with her. She was always 'demanding' that I do better. I got tired of her always wanting more. So what would a smart alec high schooler do? I made absolutely sure that I never got more than a C out of her class. Just to get her goat, I skillfully landed a solid C on every paper/exam/assignment she gave out. I graduated near the top of my class, and apparently did OK during the rest of my life, but it was fun watching her frustration. Is that bad??!! I'm sorry Mrs. Fulton.


re'New said...

From being a high schooler that found my high school career extremely boring and uninspiring (altho I had good grades) and having a son who, altho a good student, was a trial at times to parent, I know that eventually most young people find what is worthy in their eyes and hearts to be excited about. Your son may find engineering isn't for him, but in the process run into something that is!

Continue to hold him accountable - don't let him manipulate you ( sounds like you have a good base of that ) and they do eventually figure out how good they had it. My son is 28 now. The last half of high school and the first year or so of college he was AWFUL to me - disrespectful - but he made friends in college and from getting to know them and their experiences and listening to them, came to the realization that I wasn't the problem in his life. He was man enough to apologize and ask for forgiveness - and since then, we have an awesome adult relationship.

I hope Brian can find those types of friends - and I bet eventually your relationship will evolve. :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Congratulations, Brian!!! :-D

Retired Knitter said...

Maybe being 5 hours away might work better. I can't help but wonder if some of the issue with your young man is related to pushing back against parental authority - because he knows it get to you - and maybe once you are more distant - there is nothing to push against and he might just become more self motivated for his own benefit. I know I know. Probably wishful thinking ... but just maybe ...

A :-) said...

I hope that school goes well for Brian in the fall. I hope there will be school in the fall - it's occurred to me that learning might continue to be distance rather than in person.

Michelle said...

Wanda and Tim, I see I'm not the only fan of Doc Martin here! And I've loved the behind-the-scenes interviews that reveal Martin Clunes to be an utterly charming and affable man, unlike his damaged, awkward character! And Tim, I hope you actually wrote Mrs. Fulton a note. ;-)

Thanks for the encouragement and counsel, re'New. I hope I live long enough to see Brian become an honorable man (we reduced our chances of that by having him so late in life!).

I'll pass it on, Sara!

I join you in that wishful thinking, Elaine.

Yes, that is a possibility I have considered as well, A. Nothing would surprise me anymore....