Thursday, June 18, 2020

Managing Poppy's social calendar

(Before I start on the topic at hand, I'd like to point out how much of an impediment a puppy is to blogging. 'Downtime' is much reduced, and when I do form a lap, Poppy's either fussing at me or sitting on me – making it hard to think or hold a laptop!)

On Sunday Rick had to go to the coast on a veterinary call, and asked if we wanted to go along. With the beach 'officially' open, I jumped at the chance and Brian was persuaded. Poppy was going to meet the Pacific for the first time!

But first, the call. We mostly stayed in the vet truck out of the way of multiple people, horses, and dogs. But after Rick finished with the horses, Poppy got to get out for a little bit and meet the three dogs – who were big and a bit more intimidating at ground level that they had been from the cab!

After getting take-out Thai food and finding a parking spot near the beach (the actual parking lots were overflowing; there were a LOT of people at the coast!) where we could sit in the truck and eat, we harnessed the puppy and headed out for a walk. The weather was absolutely perfect, windless and mild. Brian and I shed our shoes and got our feet (and Poppy) in the sea.

We walked to the point at the north end of the beach, and noticed a large bird in the snag at the top – a very large bird that could only be an eagle. Seeking a better vantage point, Rick disappeared around the point. Poppy was desperate to follow him, but her paws would have gotten cut on the barnacles. Fortunately someone came along with distractions: a black lab and an apricot poodle. She and the poodle played, and when the lab went into the water, Poppy followed him!

Meanwhile, Brian did what teens do – stared at his smartphone (see him over there, sitting on a log?).

Well, maybe not just teens. Here are both my guys staring at the phones on our way back to the truck; ha!

I don't get it; natural beauty is much more compelling to me.

The very next day, Poppy came into heat. Oh, joy. No playing with the neighbor boy for a few weeks! (The neighbor did tell me yesterday – YAY – that Toby has an appointment at the vet's next month to get 'tutored.' Remember that Far Side cartoon?) Fortunately, Poppy has some girlfriends, and Tuesday my bestie Kate brought Glory over for visit. What a hoot to watch them play!

I'm hoping sometime soon Poppy can have a playdate with her sister. A tired terrier is a good terrier!

That's it for now from . . .


Leigh said...

Poppy! So much fun to watch them discover any new aspect of nature. She's grown into a beautiful young lady.

A :-) said...

The coast looks so lovely. It didn't look like there were too many people there.

Mama Pea said...

Lovely outing, great scenery and a very socialized (so important) dog. My daughter (when young) never had as many play dates as Poppy!

Retired Knitter said...

Lucky you. Visiting the beach is my favorite thing to do. But we are several hours away from the beach and responsibilities here keep me tied down.

Tim B. Inman said...

Of all the dogs I've had, I've never had a terrier. 'A tired terrier...' Yes! and a tired heeler, too! Poppy is such a beautiful dog. My experience is like yours, having a pup to raise is pretty much a full time job. It keeps down the boredom factor though. Cheers.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Leigh. Yes, Poppy is very much into "discovery"! She's very keen.

A, most of the people were congregated around the state recreation area; the farther we walked north (toward the point), the less people there were. But I also frame my photos intentionally to show the subjects I choose!

I'm not sure Brian did, either, Mama Pea!

I'm sorry, Elaine! I would have taken you with me if I could!

I've never had a purebred terrier before either, Tim, although Poppy reminds me a lot of a little black mutt I had in grade and middle school who was surely part terrier. And we've had several miniature dachshunds over the years, which are like terriers with control issues....

Jeanne said...

That was such a wonderful day you had at the beach! It's so much fun to see young animals experiencing new things!!

Did she taste the water?

Michelle said...

Oh yes, Jeanne, she tasted it, snapped at it, and frothed at the mouth afterwards!