Friday, March 13, 2020

What a difference a day minute makes

Yesterday Brian called me from school. Their handbell concert coming up on Sabbath had been cancelled – as had University Days at Walla Walla (where he thinks he wants to matriculate) the first weekend in April. I asked about the Costa Rica trip and music tour; he said those were both still on the schedule. Within five minutes he called again; the Costa Rica trip had been cancelled. Then last night on the news came the announcement that Oregon's governor was closing ALL K-12 schools in the state for the rest of this month, starting Monday.

Brian's high school has utilized "e-days" in the past, so his education will continue. And he is blessed to be 'food-secure' and 'housing-secure,' unlike millions of children in the U.S. for whom school is the safest place and their main source of nutrition and healthcare. My heart – and prayers – go out to those far more affected than us by this pandemic. and we will look for ways to be helpers.

And you know what 'they say' about weather: If you don't like it, wait a minute. Yesterday was sunny and springlike:
more morning 'sunbathing'

Today Poppy is experiencing her first snowflakes! (Our first this winter – on March 13!)
"What IS that???"

It's not sticking, but it's a good day for staying in:

I let sleeping dog lie when I can, because when she's awake, she's goin' 90!

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Debbie said...

This old world of ours...... we're in for a wild ride.

You're so lucky to have all the beautiful booms. Ours are coming, slowly I might add.

Poppy looks so cute with snowflakes on her head and back.

Stay safe.

Michelle said...

Yep, Debbie, a wild ride indeed, and we can't say we weren't warned!

Mama Pea said...

As of right now, we sure don't know how this all is going to work out. If we all can strive to be helpers, we'll have a better chance of coming through it in good shape. For ourselves and those we're able to help.

I can't believe Poppy can run like that with her one front leg immobilized!

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, Poppy is GREASED LIGHTNING! (No wonder she broke her original splint!)

Retired Knitter said...

So besides the fact that Poppy is a puppy with energy to spare ... I suspect her breed also has lots of energy.
My guess is that when the cast finally comes off, the leg will be weak - probably for about 24 hours - because THAT will be all the time she will allow that limitation - she will be back in "fighting shapes" very quickly - because she is young and she will just keep going regardless!

You probably will have to hold her back some so she doesn't re-injury herself!

And, my GOD, those ears. I am guessing she doesn't "just grow into them."

Yes, everything is getting cancelled. I am glad people are taking this so seriously. We have a fighting chance of interrupting the infection cycle and lower the number of infections. Our health systems will not survive a full on assault of tons of people getting sick at the same time.

Tim B. Inman said...

Aren't animals interesting! I am just permanently fascinated by the bred-in traits of them.

Poppy's eyes are Annie's! This morning, O.J. cornered Annie. While O.J. was intimidating her, Annie gave me 'the look' with the same eyes you're showing on Poppy. It was like 'Help me!'

Annie also runs like she had been hit with lightning. It is a quarter mile from my shop to my timber bee hives. I ride up to the bees in a Polaris Ranger. Annie thinks it is hers. When we get there, Annie dives out of the Ranger and runs at FULL GALLOP all the way back to the shop and then back to the bees. Maybe twice. That's a half mile or more at full non-stop speed. She is a long distance runner/sprinter. No wonder they could go out in a field and bring in the flock. She just loves to run! It is instinctive. Poppy will show you what she's made of, too!

Laugh every chance you get.

Jeanne said...

I found this all very interesting, including the comments.

I think my daughter's little Rico is just as frisky and speedy as Poppy is!!

It was a surprise yesterday, when our pastor called to say that church service and Bible classes are canceled for the coming week! Most of our people are older or have health complications.

Michelle said...

Eek, sorry; didn't realize I hadn't responded to most of your comments. Blame the puppy....

Yes, Elaine, terriers ARE high energy, so I guess I was asking for it. Her leg will be weak for longer than 24 hours, though, and either I will have to hold her back from using it too much or we may have to do physical therapy to encourage her to use it. The small animal vet said the latter is quite common.

Tim, Poppy loves to run, too. Usually she instigates a chase, but today she got the zoomies with no one chasing her – and that made me laugh. ;-)

Jeanne, all our church activities have been cancelled now except for those Triads (groups of three) who choose to continue meeting. Don't know how long this will last but expect it will be until the end of April at the very earliest.