Thursday, March 05, 2020

How to tame your dragon

Give her an all-day playdate with another dragon! I was called in to serve on the grand jury yesterday (I'm an alternate), so Poppy got to go to her sister Penny's (bless our friends' hearts) while I was gone most of the day. I heard the action was non-stop, and it was still going on when I arrived to pick up my pup (Poppy is on the left).

I really wanted to get a still photo of the girls together, and lucked out when something caught their attention.

Penny's mom also picked her up so I could get a head shot; they may look alike at first glance, but they are quite different in a lot of ways. Poppy is taller and narrower, with bigger ears. Penny has a lot more brown on her head and ears and a lot less spotting on her legs and belly.
Once we got home, Poppy was pretty much out for the evening and night, only getting up a few times for a potty break and then going back to sleep.

Today she's back to normal. This week she has stayed at home in the laundry room instead of going to work with me. Last Thursday when I took her, she wasn't letting me get my work done and I ended up putting her in her crate in the car (it was cool outside). Now I wait until she's ready for a good morning nap, put her in the laundry room where her food, water and crate are, and leave. When I return several hours later, she is sleeping in her crate with no messes in the room; such a good puppy!

Today I ran a couple quick errands after work and came home with a new toy to replace one that is in tatters. She fell asleep with it in my lap this afternoon.

Not that I need to spend a dime on toys. Last weekend Rick brought in a big box. Poppy was wary of the box, but the flat piece of cardboard that had been inside it has been a great source of entertainment ever since (and keeps mommy limber picking up after her 🙄). She even fell asleep with a piece of it on Monday....

This was after she begged to get up ON the hearth. I obliged her, but was worried she would relax, stretch out, and fall off, so I put the pink bed below to cushion her should she fall.

Another free toy came from the neighbors to our east. They found a soccer ball in their undergrowth and offered it to us for Poppy.
Getting bored by puppy prattle and pics? (Heh; if you did, you probably pooped out on this post long ago!)
Because I do have photos of other things. 😉
A commercial break for The Chuckie Channel
Western bluebirds!
Red-tailed hawks!
Blacktail deer and green grass!

A gift of Bette's roving from the sweet person who bought her 2019 fleece!

Finally, food. The other day in a grocery store's check-out stand magazine rack, I was surprised to see this magazine:
I've seen the movie by this name (highly recommend!), but didn't know there was a magazine – and wouldn't have expected to see it in a Winco Foods. But then again, the West Coast has always been an easier place to find healthier food options, whether in a grocery store, deli, or restaurant. For instance, Rick and I have enjoyed this Zoodles Primavera that Olive Garden is now offering:
But mostly, I cook at home. Tonight's supper was this delicious Pumpkin Black Bean Soup:
With pumpkin (actually sweetmeat) purée, black beans, and greens from my freezer, it came together pretty quickly.

That's it for now from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

Nope!! Not tired of Poppy pictures! She is too darn cute. Even though these are stills - she is boundless in her energy - not sure if it is her breed or her youth! hahah Or both!

Mama Pea said...

Yup, you can just feel the energy and vitality coming off the screen looking at these fun pics of Poppy. Keep 'em coming. Like human babies, I've always said it's no wonder we get old and slow down; so much of our life's energy is used up when we're young!

Jeanne said...

Well guess what! You got the cutest pup around! The pictures are so much fun!!
Love the one of Chuckie and the daffodils!

I have more to say, but not enough time right now. Must get ready too go to yarn

Michelle said...

I'm sure it's both, Elaine.

I've always asserted that we slow down when we get older because so much more of our energy goes into mental stress! Between teens and young adults we are worried about, aged parents we are assisting, and our own increasing challenges, it leaves less energy for playfulness.

Have fun at yarn club, Jeanne! I look forward to being able to do more "outside" activities like that some day.

A :-) said...

She's so cute. :-D