Friday, January 31, 2020

Before it's "All puppy, all the time"

This is the last post in which I can promise there will be no Poppy pictures. I don't plan to post tomorrow, and starting Sunday, all bets are off!

We enjoyed a rare dry day today; January has done its best to make up for the lack of rainfall in November and December. There was a bit of color in the sunrise, then some pretty clouds and SUNSHINE(!) . . . before it turned gray for the rest of the day. But I was able to get both horses exercised and nobody got wet. Well, not from rain, anyway. Stella ran and bucked and played and rolled for quite awhile, and then played hard-to-get and ran some more, so she get very sweaty.

What's blooming now? The snowdrops are starting to fade and the daphne odora are just beginning to open. The Tasmanian Tiger euphorbia in front of Brian's bedroom are tipping their budding heads. The sarcococca bushes along the north side of the house are in full bloom and saturating the area with their heady fragrance.

Small but powerfully perfumed!
Basketball games are giving me lots of time to spin; I've finished two samples of Jamieson & Smith dyed Shetland top and am starting to ply one of them. (Yes, I take photos of Brian playing, too, but I'm behind on editing them.)

On the one hand, January has been a very sad month. Jackson's soulful eyes gaze from the calendar I made for my office wall; I can only glance at that photo if I want to keep my composure. But anticipation over our new family member has been a happy distraction this final week; "Joy cometh in the morning." Joy – that would have made a good name for the pup!

That's it for now from . . .


Jeanne said...

I really enjoyed the video of Stella bucking and carrying on! What a delight,to see! She's SO lovely!

I'm not sure if i can wait until Monday for pictures of little Poppy! I'm really excited for you!

Leigh said...

You have quite a bit blooming to welcome February! And Stella seems to be happily welcoming it too. I suspect that won't compare to the joy Poppy will bring. :)

Retired Knitter said...

Bring them on!!!! Pup pictures are great - and don't forget that feline of yours. And the horses and the sheep! MY GOD - you have a lot on your plate. But all good good stuff.

Mama Pea said...

You certainly get a lot of lovely blooms early in the year. Must make the winter months seem very short for you. The new additions of Stella and Poppy, along with all the other things that jam-pack your days, are going to make for a happy, busy spring and summer!

Michelle said...

Jeannie, I don't plan to make you wait until Monday; I'll have her in my arms tomorrow and I'm sure the photos will flow!

Yes, we pretty much have something year-round here, Leigh – but you already have daffodils!

Elaine, I tried to get some photos of Chuckie nestled in his hay bed yesterday, but as always, he saw me and got up for loves, so they were all blurry. :-)

The winter flowers aren't flashy, Mama Pea, but they ARE the most aromatic! No, the rain can make winter seem very long, sometimes, although it seems the wet season is starting later and later, and therefore not lasting as long. NOT a good thing, like climate change everywhere. Let's hope Poppy likes to garden, or we may not grow much food this year!

Jeanne said...

I can hardly wait to start seeing those puppy pictures!

You have a lot of flowers! We don't have many in our yard anymore. You have several I've never heard of.

Susan said...

Stella is such a beautiful horse! I think, between that darling pup, Poppy, and your lovely Stella, this year will be a much happier one for you. That is my hope and wish for you, in any event. Now -- bring on the puppy pictures!