Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A sunrise and -sigh- more puppy prattling ;-)

Yesterday dawned dry and calm, so I scurried down to exercise a very pent-up filly before going to work. Dodging rain + horse time + glorious morning sky = happy camper!

Since then, it has been doing mostly this:

Ugh! The constant rain is supposed to take a break this afternoon, so hopefully I can get both horses exercised.

As I said, I scored some gear at the pet shelter thrift store after work. The dishes and rack are in the dishwasher; here are the collar, leash, and harnesses:

The breeders sent me a photo of our girl yesterday at six weeks old:

and here is a photo of her parents, Jasmine (30#) and Mufasa (40#):

Now -drumroll- the puppy has a moniker! Last night Rick agreed to a name – Poppy. It is a nod to her mother's flower name, and also to my first terrier mix, a little black hunting fool named Peppy.

That's it for today from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Three cheers for the pup's name! I like it. Matter of fact, I've recently known of two little baby girls who have been named Poppy. It's a name I hadn't heard for a long while . . . but like it. And it sounds perfect for your Poppy, too!

Donna said...

Well, welcome to the blog Poppy!

Tim B. Inman said...

Thanks for a huge smile this morning! When I look into the eyes of Poppie's parents, all I can say is, "Oh my! You're in for trouble!" Those dogs are ready to go! My Annie has that exact same look. It is like she is saying, 'Come on, Tim. Get with it. I'm ready to go do something! Anything! But let's GO!'

Dogs are amazing. They will make us smile and laugh - and sometimes have other emotions. All in all, whatever the breed, they make life more fun. As another blogger told me when I got Annie: 'Keep a mop and pail handy.'


Susan said...

Poppy! What a perfect name! Feminine, yet spunky. She is a cutie patootie and her parents are lovely.

Michelle said...

And here I thought we'd chosen something unique – and not "human', Mama Pea!

Thanks, Donna; eager to welcome her to our home!

And thanks for the chuckle (we won't mention the twinge of panic) from YOU this morning, Tim! Fortunately, I have an ample supply of "dog towels" – and a good washing machine!

Michelle said...

We must have been posting at the same time, Susan. I'm a little nervous because the breeders, who have been quick to respond, however briefly, to my questions have gone quiet. I have this niggling fear that something is going to happen to her and she won't be available come Sunday. We both liked the personality of one of the chocolate pups (in the background of Poppy's pic) but we also both prefer the black tricolor; don't know if we would 'switch horses' if something happened to Poppy or not.

Jeanne said...

Poppy is adorable!
I pray that there are no problems that would prevent her from coming to live with you! Maybe someone else in the family is really sick. I hope you've heard from them by now.
Being a terrier type, I'm sure she's active and busy!

Retired Knitter said...

Ah Poppy - you are even prettier than you parents.

Michelle said...

Jeanne, I did finally hear from the breeders, and our friends have confirmed a Sunday pick-up of the puppies, so all systems are still "Go." 😁

As my mother and grandmother say, Elaine, "Every crow thinks her chick's the blackest." I'm sure she's the prettiest, smartest, and most lovable of the bunch!