Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Hazards and highlights of harvest

First on today's to-do list was to pick apples from our tree that ripens first. There aren't many, but I had spied some red ones when I had ridden Lance around the neighboring lot. So after morning chores I carried a ladder and a bucket out and got to work. I had just positioned my ladder to reach the last ones when I heard some buzzing. In a one-second blur, I spied a volley-ball-sized nest, got stung on the inside of my arm, and sprinted through the nearby gate toward the house, managing to avoid the rest of the angry insects. I'll have to retrieve my small bucket of apples tonight after dark or very early tomorrow morning; hopefully they will still be useable after sitting out in the sun all day.

After applying a baking soda paste to my sting, I started water in the garden and 'shopped' for supper.

I love the book title "Eat Your Colors;" it certainly applies to my harvest! I turned to my favorite source for vegetable recipes and settled on this one for tonight. I'll add some of the Yukon Gold potatoes a church member grew and gave us, and I think I have some fat-free feta cheese in the freezer. 😋

Yesterday's sunrise, showing off summer's smog:
It feels very much like summer, but the days are getting noticeably shorter. Our new neighbors have been busy figuring out where they want to situate their house; their dry window for building is getting smaller every day.

I need to tell you about our weekend in another post; it was pretty great!

That's the 'end' for now (heh) from . . .


Mama Pea said...

You were lucky to escape with only the one sting. Were they hornets or bees? You probably didn't have time to studying the situation! Seriously, you could have been "attacked" and stung badly. If they were bees that had swarmed though, they are usually very docile during that time. Are there any honey bees in your neighborhood?

The produce from your garden looks so colorful . . . and wonderful!

Michelle said...

They were wasps or hornets of some kind; I suspect from the glance I got of the nest they are what we call "paper wasps." Yes, I was very blessed to escape with only one sting; I can't believe I outran them! The one hurt like a son-of-a-gun; can't imagine how much pain a bunch of them would cause!

The recipe I linked turned out DELICIOUS.

Retired Knitter said...

Yikes!! I am not a fan of any kind of bee. I do understand their value, however. Loved the look of your veggies. I love going to my local farmer stand and stocking up. Their corn is always the best.

Susan said...

I live in fear of uncovering one of those. I'm so glad you only got one sting - but shame on those deer! (I read ahead...) Hope you have more ripe ones coming on soon. What a lovely pile o' vegetables! I am still waiting. And waiting.