Friday, August 02, 2019

Crawling out of the swamp

Two nights of short-but-deep sleep (thanks, Dayquil!) and being a total slug after work yesterday has me feeling more like myself today. The weather cooperated with gray skies and a little "spit" (more like a little sneezing, actually); I am much more productive when it's cooler. I got out this morning and did some picking before starting the water; there's still basil, numerous little Japanese eggplant and tons of kale out there, but I'll probably pick that early Sunday morning. It'll have to be early, as Sunday is supposed to be a scorcher.

We are being treated gently by the weather this year compared to so much of the world.
I wouldn't leave early, guys; it's about as good as it gets here!

I took the last photo when I finally stirred and walked down to get the mail last night.

A real treat arrived in the post, this piece (well, three pieces) of gorgeousness was a prize I was picked at random to win for participating in the Tour de Fleece on the Jenkins YarnTools Ravelry group. Squeeeee! Rick recently made a comment about all the spindles I have; I reminded him that he has a lot of tools, too. It's not my fault that my tools are pretty than his tools. 😉

Jackson is holding on, more or less stable in his weakness. He likes the new program of lots of treats (food – mostly as pill-deliverers – and ice cubes) and enhanced breakfast and supper (I've started to add a spoonful of canned food and a bit of hot water to both his and Dozer's kibble to keep the old men eating). Sometimes the pain of impending loss swamps me, but mostly I keep my chin up and give Jackson lots of love.

I'm going to head out while it's still overcast to exercise Lance. Our territory has diminished yet again; a "For Sale" sign went up on the lot to our north and has now come down, and there's a truck and travel trailer parked there now. I'll introduce myself; maybe the new owners will still let me ride around the perimeter.

That's it for now from . . .


Michelle said...

And the good news is that yes, the new owners invited me to still ride around the perimeter of their property!

Tim B. Inman said...

During the last year and a half, I've lost both my dog and my wife; the dog to old age and my wife to disease. I try to learn all I can from nature and animals (because there is no deceit in them! They are truthful.) Let me share with you:

My observation is that animals live in the present; we humans live in the future. It really helped me to not get ahead of the disease progression Joyce and I both knew was coming, to take a lesson from Zoey, and just enjoy the day the Great Creator gave us. Each day; One day at a time. Share the good days with Jackson. Don't borrow trouble. Don't burn off good days worrying about bad days to come. My heart knows what you are going through.

Mama Pea said...

What lovely sentiments shared by Tim B. Inman above. Something for all of us to ponder and apply to our lives.

Glad it seems you're feeling better and getting back to being able to do what you want/need to do.

Points to your to-be-new neighbors for their friendliness and willingness to have you still ride on their land. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold!

Michelle said...

Very good advice, Tim – for ALL the challenging areas in my life right now! Thank-you for sharing your wisdom, gained through painful experience. I can't even imagine that amount of loss in a year and a half; your faith muscles must be strong. And what you said about animals is so true, and why we love them so: "there is no deceit in them!" Also, dogs give us unconditional love (unlike prey animals like horses and sheep who cannot forget harsh treatment).

Yes, Mama Pea, the cold is on it's way out; yay! Yesterday I rode my horse over and congratulated the couple on their purchase and welcomed them to "the hill." We chatted, and I apologized for any horse turds they might encounter around the perimeter of their property because I have been riding there and they said I was welcome to continue doing so. They are already laying out plans to build; they sold their home last November and have been looking for land ever since. They had about given up when they found the neighboring lot. Might as well make friends; they are here to stay and live!

Jeanne said...

I appreciate Mr Inman's comments... Very good insight. You have my sympathies, sir..

That's a lovely spindle, Marilyn!

Susan said...

A very poignant message, indeed, Tim. It's so important to stop and focus. Each day is a piece of treasure, no matter what you are going through and facing. Thank you for reminding us. I am so glad that you have neighbors who are open to you and Lance. It bodes well. Sending you my love and hugs (and a special one of each for Jackson). xo