Friday, May 17, 2019

Loving this weather!

Our cool, gray, damp weather continues, which is just fine with me for all kinds of reasons. For instance, clouds:

And cooking. Am I the only one for whom hot weather is a disincentive for being in the kitchen? But when it's cool I want to bake and cook. So I did both today, and while I was at it, I used up over a dozen eggs. (I had over eight dozen in the frig so it was an act of self-defense.) I made a marionberry kugen for potluck tomorrow and chocolate cranberry whole wheat bread pudding for dinner tonight, to go with a big kettle of vegetable salsa chowder.

And weeding. Right now all the grass that shot up and headed out during our month of hot, dry weather is easy(er) to pull out of the iris bed, so every morning I take an armful of fresh fodder down to the boys in the Ram-ada Inn and let the beautiful blossoms shine a bit more. It's going to take more time than a few minutes every morning to get ahead of the weeds, but it feels good to make some progress.

The pasture iris are completely unfazed by the grass, blooming where unknown hands planted them decades ago, a cheery greeting by our front gate (along with some Centaurea Montana, or perennial bachelor's button):

If you check in over at my less active horse blog, then you know Lance has added yet another diagnosis to his laundry list of problems. I took this photo while exercising him today, neck shaved (on both sides) so Rick could ultrasound his neck joints, mane and neck rubbed from spring allergies:
and those are just some of his problems, poor guy 
Unrelated to the weather, it's been awhile since I've shared any of Brian's music. He's taken one year of choir and two years of handbells at school, but that's poor compensation for giving up violin after 12 years of lessons. But lately he's gotten it out to play at church with the praise team and to accompany the bell choir on a number for their spring concert. Since some of you have enjoyed hearing him in the past, here are two full pieces from the spring concert and a snippet of his playing at church.

Musically yours, from . . .


Retired Knitter said...

I can honestly say that there is seldom a time when I am inspired to be in the kitchen. Maybe when there is a snow storm dropping a foot of snow on us - then maybe soup or stew!

Your son certainly has a musical talent! My daughter played flute. She had private lessons for years, she got really good at it- we even bought her a upgraded instrument to improve her sound. She eventually stopped playing. She also had a beautiful voice and sang with the High School Madrigals. The first time I heard her sing solo was was shocked. She doesn't use that talent either. Oh well. I wanted her to have the opportunity that I never had.

Michelle said...

Elaine, I like to be in the kitchen but not under pressure (or when it's hot!). I really don't want to hear that about your daughter, because I'm hoping Brian will come back to music when he gets older. My husband did, not in a serious way, but he contributes at church and occasionally accompanies others on guitar.

Jeanne said...

Sadly, I don't enjoy cooking as much as I used to do. But we all need to eat, rigbt?
So we cook! Phooey!

Jeanne said...

P.S. I don't know HOW I goofed up by not letting you know hour much I enjoyed your write-up and pics of the gorgeous irises! I would love to some of those glorious colors!!nn

Goatldi said...

At my place it is the bucks who benefit. Longfellow and Sundance Kid love it when I dead head the roses as they get the clipped goods. You weather looks like home. Except we have that wet stuff from the sky falling. Just to think this time last week I was weed whacking and a hot mess. But I agree love this cool weather!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your irises are lovely! And not to worry. Just because he quit playing for now, he may come back to it later and it will always be there for him :-).