Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Time away, and two more (photo-heavy)

Last weekend I ran away to the Oregon Coast for our church's annual women's retreat. It was held in Yachats (pronounced "YAW-hots"), the furthest south I've been, so I got to explore new coastline and a quaint town along with the fellowship and spiritual feeding. It was a wet and windy weekend, but I still enjoyed watching, walking – and photographing, of course!
(All photos taken with my iPhone8.)

While I was away, I got an email from someone interested in Butler, my yearling ram. With that motivating me, I set aside time yesterday to tackle pedicures, fleece samples and photos of Butler and his wethered yearling uncle Bogie. Butler is ready to roo so I was able to pull, rather than snip, his sample, hence the odd-looking lock structure. So I took a photo of his mid-side, last rib fleece undisturbed to better show his lovely crimp. (Fine Shetland wool is supposed to have six or more crimps per inch.) If his rooed hogget fleece doesn't sell, I think I'll combine it with the three rooed fleeces of his grandsire Blake and have them all processed together into roving.

Butler (Nightcap x Bree, 2017 ram)

Bogie (Blake x Vienna, 2017 wether)

That's seven down, eight to go on the preliminary work!

That's it for now from . . .


thecrazysheeplady said...

Great shots!

Goatldi said...

Love all the photos at the coast. Especially the asphalt walkway that goes to the beach? If it is my girls and I hiked that in 2015. Your fleeces are lovely and temptation is great but I am awaiting a Romney X fleece that is away at "wool mill camp". I need to slap my hand away from the r for reserve until I get my hands on it and see if I will need another for this summers spinning extravaganza.

Susan said...

What a beautiful place! I do love the ocean, although I have a phobia about water (go figure). A well-timed and much needed break for you, I think. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - your sheep are beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

You know I don't know anything about sheep or fleece but still always enjoy the photographs you share of same.

The photos you took on your retreat weekend (didn't it come at a perfect time for you?!) could all be framed. Such beauty.