Friday, April 27, 2018


After days of record-breaking heat, today dawned gray and cool; blessed relief! Some people bemoan our gray days, but I prefer gray/cool to sunny/hot, and find gray days better for photographing nearly everything. Like this colorful front corner of our house:
Here's close-up of that orange flower at the bottom of the photo, which I posted on Instagram earlier this week:

A few more photos taken this morning in the kind light of an overcast sky:
It was also a good day to capture my one grey Shetland's marvelous marbling post-shearing:

Finally, did you know there is a "grey area" in "Shetland" wool/yarn/textiles? Here is a link to a Jamieson & Smith blog post highlighting the industry use of the term "Shetland wool." Buyer beware: Not all "Shetland Wool" is from Shetland sheep!

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FullyFleeced said...

nice job on the shearing! do you know the name of that plant with the orange flowers?

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying these cool grey days.

Bardot's coloring is fascinating!