Friday, February 03, 2017

Always winter but never Christmas

Chains were required to get off our hill this morning

The icicles continue to grow as rain falls

This winter resembles that remark. Actually, The Chronicles of Narnia have been on my mind a lot lately, especially The Last Battle. I see so many parallels to the times in which we are living.

But in spite of that, all is not doom and gloom. There are sunrises to lift the spirits,

and sheep to cheer the soul.
Sweet Sarai, my BWF (best woolly friend) of the day

None of the other girls were feeling' the love that morning
And once in a while, my husband surprises me in just the right way.
Found tucked in my unmentionables drawer this morning

That's it for now from . . .


Anonymous said...

I know its a pain for all of you that live where it's getting hit harder than normal, but I am so envious. Not gonna lie! And I miss my sheep.

Goatldi said...

Now that is a good bar of chocolate! Nice day of photos.

Claire MW said...

Your ice storm looks rather similar to the one we had last week. It's treacherous walking when there is a lot of ice underfoot. Better to stay inside and eat chocolate!

Susan said...

It has been a very unusual (and not in a good way) winter this year. Your sheep are so lovely, Michelle.

Unknown said...

Love your cute sheep!!! The sunrise pictures are amazing. Perfect to boosts your spirits. Have a great week:)

Tony M. said...

Good post.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

I don't mind snow (so much) nor do I mind rain but I do not like ice. Y'all be careful out there...looks nasty treacherous.