Friday, January 20, 2017

Another music video ;-)

Blogpal Theresa posted this last night; it is too perfect not to share again!

Springtime For Hitler - The Producers 2005 by HolleyGoss

I didn't see her post until this morning, though. When Brian and I got home around 4:00 yesterday after work/school, we had no electricity. I called the PGE hotline; only 35 people had called it in at that point, so I figured it was either a very small outage or a very recent one. Turned out it was the latter. We got some necessary things done in the remaining daylight, then lit candles and found our headlamps. I finished the hat I was working on,
then my friend showed up to carpool with me to a meeting. Still no power when I got home after 9:00, so I got to bed at a decent time for a change!

Everything (here) was back to normal this morning; the jury will be out awhile on the state of the union.

Thankful for wood heat, warmer temperatures, and Bible promises at . . .


Theresa said...

Great hat! I do simply love musicals you know!

Anonymous said...

Really Michelle?? Just erased your blog bookmark.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Theresa!

Well, Anonymous (although I guess you won't see this), I thought it was healthier to giggle than worry or groan; sorry my sharing this offended you so.

Claire MW said...

That is a really beautiful hat. I can certainly appreciate the work you put into it. The musical is the perfect sentiment to me! I hope your power has been back on for a while now and that your wood heat is keeping you warm. We sure have been enjoying ours!

Donna said...

Well, Michelle, I just loved your musical post. It made me smile and stop worrying for a moment. Thank you!