Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Another chilly day in paradise

It's not quite that cold inside; the station is sitting on a north windowsill.
The sun made an appearance and the weather station Rick got me for Christmas said it got up to 30° today, but the wind rattling the house had me psyched out. It took stepping out to get some more firewood to realize that it was tolerable – and seeing the outside temperature drop a degree. Before it dropped further I decided to get dressed in winter riding gear to check stock feed and water (good thing, too; Lance had managed to unplug his stock tank heater and his water was frozen), knowing that getting ready and out the door is the biggest hurdle.
My little mental game worked. I tacked up Lance and we headed out on a ride through the woods, mostly sheltered from the wind. Then I walked down the lane to get our mail, and saw today's treasure, a lovely evening sky.

It's down to 22° now with calmer winds. Time to hit the hay – or rather, the fleece sheets – so we can all get up and get to school (first day after Christmas break) and work on time tomorrow.

That's it for today from . . .


Mama Pea said...

Ha, we beat you for cold weather. (Not surprised, are you?) Had an overnight low of -8 and bit of a wind chill added to that the last couple of days.

Speaking of fleece sheets, our first set arrived yesterday. We've always used flannel sheets in the winter, but on our daughter's recommendation, ordered the fleece set (on sale!) to give them a try. If I can get them laundered today, we'll give them a test run tonight. Can hardly wait! (It's the little things in life . . . )

Claire MW said...

Haha! 63 as an indoor temp is just right for me. If it goes above 65, I start to feel too warm. We used to keep the house at 57, but now that we're on wood heat instead of an oil furnace, it's more difficult to keep it there, and it seems to settle out at somewhere between 62 and 65. I love flannel sheets too, but at 65, it's more difficult for me to use them. We now keep the upstairs deck door a bit open at night, and that helps keep the bedroom cool enough to be comfortable in flannels! Once it drops below -10 F, we close it again.

Michelle said...

Mama Pea, "been there, done that" (MN winter) and know I've gotten soft! So how do you like the fleece sheets?

Claire, I would keep the house cooler but my guys would mutiny for sure. The fleece and flannel sheets have been out of commission for years because of my hot flashes, but now that those are under control thanks to Rx (in order for my son to survive adolescence), I am enjoying them once again.