Monday, February 08, 2016

Live from Studio C

(That would be my husband's clinic; I'm here covering for his sick secretary.)
Thank-you for joining us here for The Boulderneigh Show. ;-) Today's post features birds, blooms, and baffling sheep.

Elvira the rescued Black Sexlink has been making herself comfortable in the nesting boxes lately, although she has yet to deposit an egg. It would be nice if she started paying some room and board, the freeloader.

Last weekend I noticed flickers on both the birdhouses on the east side of our house, so I snapped some photos through my (dirty) bedroom window. Surely they don't think their nest would fit in one of those boxes . . . but better they explore those options than drumming on my house!

Inside, my orchid continues to dazzle. The longevity of these blooms adds to their considerable charms.

Outside, the daphne odora has enough open flowers to perfume the air at the SW corner of the house.

There are insects buzzing around outside; our weather has turned unseasonably warm. Local meteorologists say we could break some records this week; not a good thing this early in the year. We need that snow on the mountains to stay on the mountains for awhile!
Maybe the unusually warm temps are the cause for some unusual behavior among my sheep. Yesterday when I finished riding Lance, I noticed the boys bouncing around their lot. At first I thought, "How cute! Look at them gamboling like lambs!" Then I realized that it wasn't play at all. Blake seemed to have it in for Bittersweet, and was chasing him relentlessly. Bing was also running; I don't know if Blake had targeted him as well, or if he was just frightened by the chase. Then last night while visiting the girls, I noticed Blaise acting oddly interested in the region of Vienna's udder. Vienna was not happy with this interest and made her displeasure clear, but that didn't dissuade Blaise's repeated nosing. She almost acted like a lamb that didn't want to be weaned . . . but Vienna is not her dam and she never acted like that around her own mother. Strange.

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Theresa said...

Yep, warm here too, snow pack melting at an alarming rate. I can actually see bare ground in many spots. I wouldn't mind a wee bit of snow and cold to continue into March.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I've had some epic battles here too lately. I figured it was being cooped up too much at the barn...even though they can come and go as they please ;-).