Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunrise, sunset...

Yes, a certain show tune is playing in my head.
"Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears"

After I posted Friday, I heard voices, looked out, and saw this:
That is one of the firs from the lot next door, which has dramatically dropped dead into the arms of a little evergreen on our side of the fence. The loggers were all apologetic, promising to clean everything up and re-stretch our fence wire. The tree that fell wrong was right next to our fence, so I asked some questions and learned that the loggers are only leaving us a tree screen as far as the corner of the yard (behind our two little evergreens) but are planning to clear-cut from there on. Gone will be my lovely green backdrop for photos of lambs and ewes in the spring. The loggers also said they couldn't guarantee that the screen they left us would remain standing, as that would be up to the new owner. We can only hope. Again, the trees along much of the north side of our property are going to block the desired southern exposure anyway, so they might as well leave a screen all the way down. I might suggest that to the loggers the next time I see them; the stay of execution would give us a chance to ask the new owner. Once the trees are cut, it's too late to talk.

My modification to Dicey's sweater didn't work out, so I ripped back to the neck ribbing. Still deciding whether to try again; in the meantime I dug out my miniSpinner and my big ball of SAL singles and started plying. I finished that up last night, and skeined it tonight. Got approximately 666 yards of heavy lace/light fingering awaiting a bath:

Today I skirted Browning and Bramble, the last two 2015 fleeces.
The customer who has purchased all of Annabelle's fleeces emailed me last week. She is taking her fiber business in a new direction, and wants six fleeces next spring! When I mentioned that I had two available now, she eagerly spoke for those, too. With these two fleeces boxed up and ready to ship, there's more room in my office now, and there will soon be more money in the bank; always a need for that.

Speaking of making room in my office, I kept six of the neck fleeces in case the high school fiber teacher asked for them again, but she hasn't. Anyone want to bother with all the hay to get some premium fiber? First person to speak for them can have them for the cost of shipping.

Parting color shot:

That's it for today from . . .


Theresa said...

Oh crumb on the trees. What a crying shame.
You know I have a fantastic non knitting coat pattern for dogs. The sewing is easy and it does one thing a lot of coats don't do, offer some chest and belly protection. Important here when we get snow but it also has got to feel better too. Let me know if you want the #. It's a Kwiksew pattern I believe.
Congrats on the fleece sales!!!

A :-) said...

It's so hard to lose trees, even when they are not yours.

DianeOart said...

I would be interested by the fiber if nobody else claimed it yet. You can reach me on Ravelry: Ohlalalaine

Mama Pea said...

Although there's probably not much control you can exert over the loss or saving of those trees on the property line, it's kinda heartbreaking to see them go. Darn and drat.

Michelle said...

Yes, please, on the pattern #, Theresa! I can manage straight stitches on Featherweight. I will probably keep trying on the sweater, too; a girl needs more than one outfit in her wardrobe. ;-)

My heart gets more tender every year, A – even towards trees.

Sorry, Diane, it did get claimed. See my next post!

Yes, it is, Mama Pea. Let's hope my DH doesn't bring on more heartbreak by cutting OURS. :-/