Saturday, April 13, 2013

Showers – of blessings

This weekend's forecast didn't look too promising, but today, at least, is beautiful. And the sun seemed to shine a little brighter with good news from Texas. Yesterday I got a call that my dad was being admitted to the local hospital with pain, abdominal fluid and a possible infection. But he was discharged this afternoon after the doctor determined that immediate action wasn't necessary (continued prayers still appreciated!). After the relief that news brought, I went outside to enjoy more blessings: our first six-egg day of the year, my magnificent mustang, and the many flowers blooming on our place right now.
Today's eggs – plus Welsie's first egg of the year from yesterday

Wishing you Sabbath blessings, from . . .


Mary Ann said...

Oh, good news about your dad, praying here... and the pansies are the most beautiful red!

Suzan said...

Hope your Dad continues to improve and such a nice group of eggs!!

farmlady said...

Good news. Glad you Dad is doing better.
Now go outside and enjoy the day.
Life is so dear. Prayers work.
Take care of yourself.