Tuesday, October 18, 2011


You, my dear, distant friends, are blessings! Some of you I have met; many I have not. But I consider all of you who visit and comment here on this little spot of the blogosphere to be friends - my blogpals. Your support, sympathy and suggestions in the comments of yesterday's post and via email have helped so much, as have a couple phone chats with my sister. She is 13 years younger than me so it's not like she has a clue about menopause, except what she remembers our mom going through when Mom was about my age. But like you, she gives me a sounding board and makes me feel sane again - at least temporarily. (-:

I have many blessings in my life and give thanks for them many times a day. That doesn't keep me from feeling like I'm mentally unraveling or wanting to scream sometimes, but it sure helps.

Behold four of today's blessings (besides you):
  1. A beautifully warm, sunny day (probably the last time we'll see 70-something on the thermometer this year).
  2. Firewood, free for the hauling and splitting.
  3. A husband healthy enough to load all those logs by hand, alone. Over a year ago he suffered a heart attack, making me acutely aware that I cannot take his presence in our lives for granted. One blogpal lost her husband yesterday, and another blogpal's husband recently underwent his third surgery for brain cancer. My heart aches for them; I pray for them daily. I pray for my husband, too!
  4. A healthy, intelligent son, all boy and noise-box that he is.

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Black Sheep said...

ahhhh.. Blessings.. sometimes a joy to count.. sometimes it is hard to get them to stand still long enough for the task.. I am glad we can still gather our wits about us most days to still count.. lol
Black Sheep

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's important to remember what really is important... your post reminded me. Thanks! We've had beautiful weather here on the coast alos, but I heard its due to change soon.

Tombstone Livestock said...

how did he load that by himself? hopefully it was with a tractor and a bucket.

My Grandmother had a saying no matter what "Nothing is so bad it could not have been worse" and whenever things start to overwhelm me I think of that. I have a roof over my head, enough retirement money to get by, sure trailer has a flat tire, but I still have a trailer. Keep thinking of all the people that have lost their jobs, lost or are loosing their homes, or a loved one. Yup things are falling apart, need fixing etc, but I still have things, just need to prioritize the fix it list.

Theresa said...

Many blessings or not, it's okay to grumble once in a while. And I know what you mean about the noise and menopause. I think that might have been one of the worst things about it for me, and one that may stay around a lot longer than you think.
Nice load of wood and boy, this has been quite a nice stretch of Indian Summer hasn't it.

Kelly said...

I draw strength from blogging pals too, and some days I just need to put my feelings in a post and I feel better. For all the times that someone says or does something that upsets me, there's always 100 things that are said that lift me up.
And some days, our hearts glow with the blessings in our lives, it's nice to see that today is one of those days for you. Happy Fall!!! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for being along for the ride, my friends! Sometimes it gets bumpy, but we're still going forward.

And Theresa, no tractor. Rick loaded all that by himself, just "man"power!!! I know, I found it hard to believe, too. He was POOPED last night!

Susan said...

I think that blogpals let us know that we're not alone in our feelings - and that it is, after all, a warm and friendly little world. It's as important to count your blessings as it is to be able to let your guard down and be frustrated, frightened and sad. Just makes the blessings seem brighter. You are a joy to "know".

A :-) said...


Sharon said...

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

That has been my mantra~