Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ausome Awetumn (-;

I read recently, somewhere, that this season has two names because it is the best season of the year. It can't just be called Fall; it's so awesome that it is also called Autumn. I like that!

We are enjoying a beautiful spell of clear, sunny weather, with warmer than average nights - until last night. I don't think we got down to freezing, but it was definitely nippier out there this morning than it has been. I'd better get all the green tomatoes picked. Last year we actually had tomatoes from our garden through the end of the year! No, they weren't the ambrosia that sun-ripened tomatoes are, but they were no worse than what are sold in stores.

Anyway, here are some of the things I find awesome about autumn:
Crisp, flavorful apples, fresh off the tree

Bunches of grapes bedecking vines

Fall colors

A full woodshed

Warm, homespun handknits

Evergreens? Well yes, a special one - our 2011 Christmas tree! Our neighbor said we could pick one out and mark it for later harvest so it isn't cut by the buyer who is coming. We picked a lovely, natural, TALL Noble fir - see the yellow plastic in the middle marking it? It is standing next to a 6' fence!

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Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

Oh the sight of a full woodshed always warms my heart! I agree there is much to love about this season.

Tombstone Livestock said...

yes that full woodshed looks like someone planned ahead and going to be nice, warm and cozy for the winter.

Susan said...

Wow! Those grapes are so perfect they don't look real! Fall/awetumn is the last burst of plenty, isn't it? Lovely photographs as always.

A :-) said...

That is a very tall tree!!! Can't wait to see it decorated :-)

Anonymous said...

your grapes are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Cloverleaf and Tombstone, we are enjoying the fruits of Rick's and Brian's labors tonight for the first time with a toasty wood fire. (-:

Susan and Denise, those aren't our grapes; there are vineyards all around us and I took that photo Sunday afternoon while riding Russell.

Adrienne, we have a vaulted ceiling with a 16' peak in our "great room," so we'll make good use of that tree's height!

Anonymous said...

We've got a fire going too, but we've had one off and on the last few weeks. I love a full woodshed and the fall colors, it's my absolute favorite season!

Rebecca Highlander said...

What a warming bunch of photos! All beautiful. Are those peppers for salsa??