Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic update

Swatch #1, natural New Zealand wool

Swatch #2, "Tundra" Icelandia, a little overexposed

So yesterday I swatched a different yarn from my stash. I have the correct amount for the vest (nine 50-gram skeins), and although I really wanted the "unfeltability" of the New Zealand wool I was planning on using, the Icelandia is spot-on for gauge (so no maths needed) and is a much softer yarn. I thought it might not show stitch definition as well, being a loose single-ply, but I think the swatch is lovely. Since I really want this vest to turn out well so I can use and enjoy it, I'm switching "gear" just before my event starts - not advisable for a world-class athlete, I'm sure, but hopefully not an issue for an Olympic knitter. :-)

Now to get at least some of it wound into center-pull balls so I can cast on this evening. Wouldn't hurt to practice the thumb cast-on method, too, as that one is new to me.

That's it for now at . . .


melanie said...

How beautiful a pattern! I am not allowed to compete and cast on a new project, so I will be diligently working on UFO's, kind of like an Olympian understudy...

Sharrie said...

It should be a beauty. I will enjoy watching this event!

Anonymous said...

As I was originally taught how to cast on using the thumb casting on technique (over 45 years ago), let me say "it's easy!"

Sorry - and you're thinking that of course I think it is easy.

I am getting nervous ... a few hours before the Opening ceremonies. Surfing knitting blogs, cracking knuckles and drinking plenty of liquid. (Water only! Knitting under the influence is not pretty.)

I used to think the thumb cast-on was the ONLY WAY to cast on. (And I was also told it was one of the least yarn-wasting ways to cast on.)

BTW, I'm knitting a mitred blanket for the Knitting Olympics. A blanket for the homeless - for the group "Blankets For Canada".

All the best - and happy knitting,
(Change the bracketed caps to symbols.)

Michelle said...

Hi Janey,

I just watched a video online and realized that I've done this cast-on before (for socks, I think) but it was called something else. Now I'm ready to go! Water - yes, I need to drink more water. Good for me, but it DOES create the need to interrupt my knitting....

Theresa said...

Thumb caster on here too, very easy!
I love the Icelandic as well, but both look beautiful in swatch!

Kathy said...

I get jazzed that you have just taken off with knitting! :) You go, girlfriend! I'm in your cheering section.
I love both yarns you sampled. And I can't wait to see the progression of your project.
Go for the gold, Michelle!