Sunday, September 14, 2008


That would be my spinning wheel (top, covered with paisley), my horse, and my garden. And yes, those two lamb fleeces in my office (Brava's, left, and Braveheart's, right).

Like everyone else with children, the beginning of the school year has put a vise-grip on my schedule. And before school was the trip east, and the requisite flurry before and after of getting ready and catching up. My spinning wheel hasn't been touched since I finished plying that dark brown Shetland last month (it's still waiting to be skeined off), my horse has only seen the lunge line and the saddle once each in the same period, and my garden gets watered regularly and visited for immediate ingredients, but that's it. I fully intended to get those lamb fleeces skirted at the beginning of summer so I could wash and then dry them quickly in summer's heat, but they sit there still. And more wool grows.

Indeed, Brava's D-size Rocky Sheep Suit was filled to bursting, so yesterday I switched it for a nice, clean E-size suit. But not before I positively swooned over her heavenly fleece; creamy and straighter on her sides, crimpy and rich down her back; ALL of it incredibly, unbelievably soft. (The first two photos were taken without flash, the third with flash for better detail.)
Still plugging away at . . .


Jenny Holden said...

My blog has been rather neglected recently, bit I managed a quick update today! And trust me... you're veg patch looks much better than mine at the moment!

Kathy said...

I think it's been that kind of year for everyone, Michelle...for various reasons I have gotten some things accomplished, but others just sit.
Today I removed the tomatoes off the plants are we had a frost last night. Tonight will see us down in the low 30s again. No wonder I was trying to snuggle with the DH this morning...I was almost cold! :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Not a good sign not finding the yoke, but maybe it isnt what it seems.
You need to uncover that wheel! You deserve at LEAST 20 mins of spinning a day! If any doctor knew what spinning does for a body, they would recomend it!

Donna said...

Those fleeces look gorgeous- I hope you get time to enjoy them soon!