Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scratching an itch


Being at Black Sheep Gathering and seeing spinning wheels all over the place, as well as all that yummy fiber on and off the sheep, gave me a bad itch to spin. I also want to use up some of my so-far modest stash so I can play with my own roving once it is processed. Today I had my first chance. Brian was invited to a neighbor boy's for a play date - so I had a play date with the above eye candy! Allena sent me three bumps as a prize for a contest on her Spindle And Wheel blog; this morning I got one spun up. This soft, pretty stuff is telling me it wants to be my first real lace project, maybe the scarf Allena designed and I've been drooling over ever since (click on the link to see; it's gorgeous!).

Now on to some happy sheep.When I got home Sunday evening, Rechel was reunited with Blizz. Since I didn't have a chance to wean her boys off properly, I'm sure she was quite uncomfortable for three days, and I was happy to let Blizz relieve the pressure and any chance of mastitis. I was afraid he was going to pop, though, from the amount of milk he guzzled in about ten minutes!
Braveheart was turned out into a new "pocket-pasture" Rick finished preparing while we were gone; he, too, was a fat and happy camper!

Finally, I got an email from Suzanne this morning letting me know that Blanche arrived safe and sound late last night after a long day of travel (she flew from Portland to Houston to Anchorage, thanks to the craziness of the airlines). Hurray!

Oh, in case you're wondering, I am going to do a report on the Shetland show at BSG, just as soon as my sister sends me the photos she took while I was showing my boys. Or I may do two posts, one with the photos I took, and a second one when my sister's disk arrives. That will break up the number of photos for those of you on dial-up.

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North Star Shetlands said...

Oooh that IS a pretty scarf! That will be a nice color for it :) Glad Blanche made it safe and sound! :)

country girl said...

The colors of the wool are wonderful. It will make a great lacy scarf.