Monday, December 18, 2006

Freezing fog and wacky woolies

The frost fairy was busy last night, sprinkling frisky-frosty fairy dust on everything. The weatherman said it was freezing fog, but he has no imagination!

When dusk began to fall, I ventured into the cold to bring the sheep in. My first hint that the fairy dust had affected them was the alfalfa pellets lingering in one of the feed pans. The girls didn't eat all their candy??? Hmmm. I walked toward their fold, expecting them to follow me as usual. The thought crossed my mind that if they hadn't finished their morning pellets in the pasture, perhaps they wouldn't come running into the pen with me for their evening pellets, but the thought was interrupted by odd scrambling sounds on the gravel behind me. I looked in time to see Dinah sproinging stiff-legged down the driveway, then squaring off as if to spar with Rechel. I laughed, and she turned tail and sproinged back up the driveway. Now, Bella still bounces sometimes, but my mature ladies are usually more sedate - and I have NEVER seen Dinah so wired! I decided to run up to the house to get my camera, and then wondered if I'd ever get them back to their quarters. They wouldn't follow or be herded (I was wishing for a good Border Collie at that point), and were acting totally weird.

Deciding to bet on the tried and true, I scooted down to the barn, measured out fresh pellets, and shook the cans. Thankfully they all dashed in, although still not acting quite like themselves. That frisky-frosty fairy dust is powerful stuff, eh, Dinah?

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Tammy said...

I love the picture of the three girls emerging out of the fairy dust! :-) What fun. Sometimes my whole flock seem to lose their heads and become giddy little wool puffs.

Kathy said...

Great pictures!

I think the "Fairy" that "dusted" your place came south! While it was snowing, all my sheep were bouncing around like "farts in a hot griddle", as my grandma used to say! :)
Maybe sheep have a Santa, too - and they know that Sheep-Santa is coming soon???!!! Whatever it was I made sure I took the time to enjoy watching them. What a blessing it is to have these joyful little sheep in our lives!

Anonymous said...

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I was in your wind storm last week.I was at my sisters place in Lake Oswego.
Have a Merry Christmas,