Thursday, August 24, 2006

A day at the Fair

What a lovely way to spend a day -- immersed in Shetland sheep! The Shetland show at the Oregon State Fair was today, so my sidekick and I went down to help clean and show sheep for Wally Rutledge, the breeder from whom I purchased Dinah and Rechel. Wally won the Shetland Premier Exhibitor award, and Bella's sire, WSR Moses, won Champion Ram again. He IS a handsome boy, don't you think?

It was my first experience showing sheep, and the judge was very educational in his comments. After the show my education continued with MaryBeth Bullington. She had sheep, locks of raw fleece, handspun yarn, and knitted items that all helped me better understand color, fineness, organized and disorganized crimp, softness, silkiness and luster. Isn't the variety wonderful?

The camaraderie among the Shetland breeders was also fun. I hope to be a part of the Shetland showing contingent next year!

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Nancy K. said...

Michelle, I'm SO enjoying your blog! May I put a link to it on mine???

Michelle said...

Yes, please! I LOVE this blogging business, both mine and others, and getting comments is such fun. So the more readers the better!

Kathy said...

OK, Michelle...spill sthe beans! How do they keep those sheep sooooclean?
And I'm with Nancy...may I post your blog-link on my blog?

Michelle said...

Of course, Kathy! (And I'm sorry, Nancy; I didn't think to ask you before putting a link on my blog to yours. It's a little late, but can I, please?)

None of the sheep at the fair had been coated, even though the judge asked Wally if his had been. We picked VM out of all of the sheep before the classes, and Marybeth hosed hers off at home to remove some of the dust and grit. (Unfortunately, she did it too close to the show and some of them were still dampish, which may have affected the judge's opinion of their fleeces - he didn't favor hers.)