Friday, May 31, 2019

Never alone

I often say I need my "alone time," but it would be more accurate to say I need "people-free" time. Animals are usually welcome – usually. Good thing, that 'usually.' This morning while on the 'throne':

Later this morning, while skirting Bridget's fleece:

On the job front, my boss texted me yesterday morning asking me to come in early for a 'pow-wow.' It sounds like she is planning on three of us (a fourth employee will continue fulfilling her specific and limited role) absorbing all that her full-time Jill-of-all-trades did – without anyone (but maybe the boss) working significantly more hours. We'll see!

I finished spinning a third color of Jamieson & Smith combed Shetland top, and am getting ready to start on something MUCH more colorful.

The bearded iris are petering out after a wonderful show; now Centaurea montana (perennial bachelors buttons) and white flag are blooming in my island bed:

Last night I was shocked at how much light lingered in the northwest at 9:45. I guess it makes sense; the longest day of the year is coming up in June. Tis sum-sum-summertime!

Speaking of which, I've got to get the rest of the fleeces off the sheep and spend some serious time in the garden. Clone me, please!

That's it for now from . . .


Debbie said...

You do realize that our critters think (know) they're family (aka mi casa es su casa and that includes the bathroom. Don't dare think about closing a door). At least they're not staring you down.

Your garden blooms are lovely.

I'm always in awe of your spinning. Singles so even and well placed wraps.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Michelle said...

Oh yes, Jackson is usually standing beside me insisting on being petted. I think I'd done that so he laid down. You have a good weekend, too, Debbie!

Mama Pea said...

There are those times when "animal company" is just what we need.

If Stephen Sondheim had been a gardener, he would have written "Send in the . . . Clones."

wyomingheart said...

Sometimes I think that the eyes on me through out my day are just my little furry guardians! Great shots of the blossoms around your home! We have daylilies in bloom now and I just have to stare at them some times!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That clone thing would be helpful!

Anonymous said...

your flowers are lovely. i just scored some amethyst centaurea this spring, and i would love for them to fill out a good-sized spot. the blue centaurea spread pretty easily, but i don't know about these purple ones. thanks for sharing the photos. --suz in ohio

Retired Knitter said...

Animal time is ALWAYS welcome in my book. People ... sometimes.

I worked with a neurologist once who took note of my dedication to animals by saying something like "You look like someone who has been disappointed by humans." WELL YES! Time and time again!!! The only time animals hurt me is when they die - then they break my heart - but otherwise - always more welcome than humans.

I know - very screwed point of view - but truthful.

Mokihana said...

Love your photos, as always. I love the White Flags...and your spinning is so consistent. I have a couple of drop spindles, but sure haven't mastered them the way you have. Well done!