Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Snow dog

Jackson loves snow. He prances out into it, scooting his nose through it and eating it. This afternoon he was munching on the crunchy remnants on the deck when I snapped this photo.

Don't worry, Jackson. It looks like more is coming!

I have my next spinning project ready to go, just in case I get snowed in. ;-)

Good-night, from . . .


Debbie said...

Looks like you have 'many' snow days ahead. Jackson will be very happy.

Love the colors for your next spinning project! What's the name/type?

stay warm!

Susan said...

Your spindles look like flowers! That is some beautiful roving - can't wait to see it arrayed on your spindle!

Jeanne said...

Love that roving! I'd hate to think of you being snowbound, but I'm anxious to see that made into beautiful yarn.

Jackson is a character!

Mama Pea said...

Send Jackson for a vacation to our house. He could play all day out in the snow to his heart's desire. (Word of caution though. We might choose to never send him back home. Just sayin'.) ;o}

A :-) said...

Our polar vortex snow is pretty much melted now - it's raining. Go figure!

Michelle said...

Debbie, the fiber is merino combed top from FatCatKnits in the Hyperion colorway. Our wood-burner is struggling to keep the house in the mid-60s; this is an extended period of "cold" for us (and we are higher than Amity so stay colder and usually get more snow than the valley floor).

Susan, the friend who gave me the roving has very good taste. ;-)

Jeanne, I wouldn't mind being snowbound at all, as long as we have electricity!

Mama Pea, I'd be afraid one of your timber wolves might hurt him – as if I could part with my buddy!

Adrienne, the wild swings are just crazy (and very hard on the outside animals, says the veterinarian).

thecrazysheeplady said...

Beautiful braid! Hope you get some snow ;-).