Friday, February 01, 2019

Happy February

Who needs hothouse flowers when you have daphne odora blooming outside your door?

An olive egger has started laying again this week.

I sensed that Chuckie was missed, so here is himself playing with the zipper of my barn coat. Lately he's either running towards me, trotting ahead of me, or ON me, so not a lot of photo opps. However, I did capture a little video of him leading me from the house to the barn one morning. His white extends up his inner thighs, and now that he's plump and plush it looks like he has some toilet paper stuck between his legs. 😄

I bought some non-toxic mouse killer(?) and set up a protected dining spot in the next box a whole village of little vermin have moved into. I also put up the chickens' food at night to encourage consumption of the bait. I think the population has grown, and they all look hale and hearty. Maybe I'll try a water-bucket trap next – or lock Chuckie in the henhouse overnight.

That's it for now from . . .


Michelle said...

Any other suggestions for non-toxic mouse elimination???

Retired Knitter said...

What the heck is non-toxic mouse killer? I read that a few times over just to be sure I had it right - but then, again, it is early in the morning and the coffee is still dripping - other than breathe - I trust very little before I have that first cup of coffee!!

sylkan said...

You have too many for this to be practical, but you can live trap one at a time by putting down a piece of cardboard, inverting a (preferably glass) bowl on the cardboard, propping up an edge of the bowl with a thimble in which you have put some peanut butter at the inner end. The open part of the thimble points inside the bowl. The mouse crawls under, roots for the peanut butter while under the bowl, thimble rolls, bowl falls, voila! mousie under glass.

Love your little Chuckie. What a good kittie.

Susan said...

Oh, that Chuckie is so adorable! What a cutie! I would definitely do the bucket. It has been very effective for me. We, of course, have mice, but we also have rats and they are a whole other kettle of fish! The only upside of this Polar Vortex stuff, is that it tends to keep down the rodent population.

Michelle said...

Elaine, patented or not, it clearly doesn't work!

But then I would have to dispatch it somehow, Sylvia, one at a time, and I think I have DOZENS making their home in our henhouse!

Ugh, Susan! The neighbor's cat brought home a dead rat, but I've never seen one dead or alive here. Brian has taken out a number of the mice this week with his CO2 pistol and pellet rifle; hopefully faster and more merciful than drowning.