Monday, February 25, 2019


I was going to post on Friday evening with outtakes from my Instagram 'F' alliteration, but that (obviously) didn't happen. Sabbath was a busy day, but Saturday evening I had the house to myself for a few hours and thought I'd post after cleaning my tack. Nope. Sunday 'show day' (you'll have to head over to my Dances With Horses blog to read about that) pooped me out.... Then this morning we woke up to forecast snow, a fitting visual for the mental and visual avalanche that occurs when I wait too long to post! Guess I'd better grab a shovel and start digging. ;-)

I posted this sweet photo of Blaise on Instagram for Fiber Friends Friday.
But there was lots more to the laugh-fest love-fest!
Bing and Blake



Lastly, Sarai and her teefers!

Thursday's, Friday's, and Sabbath's sunrises below.

The last two were taken Sabbath morning, minutes apart, before and during 'fogrise'
Sunday's sunrise was obscured by gray clouds and drizzle. Thankfully, by the time I loaded up Lance and took him to the county fairgrounds to compete, that had stopped.
The last time Lance and I ventured into the dressage ring was three years ago, when my dad came to watch for the first – and last – time. Rick came yesterday, bless his heart; if we can get his big-boy camera to communicate with my MacBook (they don't like each other; never have), I might have more photos to share than just screenshots from an iPhone video. 😕

Today we are in a winter wonderland again. That's pretty wacko for the Willamette Valley at the end of February! (And yes, this is climate CHANGE; the polar ice caps are melting in record-setting mean temps, which is throwing the planet's weather patterns off their normal tracks.)

After suiting up in my polarfleece balaclava and insulated overalls to do chores, I decided to do something I haven't done in ages. I jumped on Lance bareback and rode in the snow!

Silly boy wasn't sure whether to spook at the snow sliding off the rail, or eat it – so he did both. 😆

Whew; I think I've dug myself out. You're up-to-date now on . . .


Mama Pea said...

Your animals all look so healthy! As it should be, I know, but it's obvious the good care you take of them. Love those sheep faces!

wyomingheart said...

Thank you, I needed a Chuckie fix!

Michelle said...

Well, Lance certainly has his health issues and my dear doggies are getting older, but we do our best, Mama Pea!

Glad to oblige, wyomingheart. ;-)

Goatldi said...


The spooking is so equine of him. Sorry about the weather it likely passed through here prior to taking up residence at your place.

But trot on. It will only get better.

Leigh said...

The snow pictures are lovely and I love all those sheepie faces! Was Lance happy to be in the show ring again?

Retired Knitter said...

Love those sheep faces. You can see it in their eyes - "I have it good!"

Florida Farm Girl said...

It's been nuts, hasn't it? You get snow, inland Oregon got over 20 inches of snow (at last report from the kids), we have a warm winter here in the mountains. Yep, climate change in action.

Fat Dormouse said...

I've just caught up with your blog. Chuckie is such a sweetheart! The weather really is off kilter - 20° and so warm here! It's not right, is it? I'm sure there'll be payback soon.