Tuesday, February 05, 2019

A feast

The potential problem with collecting miscellaneous tidbits until you have enough to serve up a blogpost is that a surprise feast could land on your table, making everything stored in the frig look unappetizing by comparison. You have no idea how many thoughts and photos I've tossed to the figurative chickens because that happens!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a dusting of snow, as forecast. It didn't stick to the driveway or roads and didn't even reach the valley floor, but it made for a pretty change of scenery up here on the hill for a short while.

Then this happened last night before bedtime:
(Jackson loves snow.)

Early this morning I got a text message from Brian's school announcing a snow day. Apparently it reached the valley floor this time! Still, it seemed silly to close school for this:
While Brian slept in, I did chores and found photo opportunities – lots of them.

I hope this didn't leave you too full, though, because I DO intend to serve up those tidbits tomorrow. They are too tasty to waste!

That's it for our weather news, from . . .


Michelle said...

First comment.

Theresa said...

I delight in seeing snow myself, although we have a bit more than you. Little footprints in the snow look quite similar to some around here. We get two sets on different nights, a big boar and a smaller set, likely the female who has cubs every year. He often tips the feeders....Fox tracks plentiful this year too.

Jeanne said...

Great pictuures, Michelle! We had about an inch of snow Monday, and two inches Tuesday morning. It was lovely, fluffy stuff, which melts quickly.

Rosie said...

How lovely to have that snow. I have never seen snow fall but imagine it would be a wonderful sight. We are having the opposite here in Aus. with extremely high temperatures over a few weeks now so I am really enjoying your photos.

Mama Pea said...

Love the third to the last picture. Now am eagerly awaiting "being fed" tomorrow with those other tasty tidbits!

Susan said...

Gorgeous photographs, as always! How come your snow looks so much lovelier than mine?

Retired Knitter said...

I love snow. I think in brings much beauty. But the real question is - what does Chucky think of the snow? Was this his first snow???

Michelle said...

Theresa, the raccoons regularly raid our black oil sunflower feeder, too. Last night I saw what looked like a 'teenager' on the deck, but it scurried away quickly.

It was a pretty much perfect snow, wasn't it, Jeanne? Light and fluffy with no wind, so it collected on the smallest of objects – like the spider webs!

Rosie, I've heard your temps there have been brutal; I wish I could sent you a little snow for relief!

Your next meal is served, Mama Pea. ;-)

The grass is always greener, Susan. ;-)

Elaine, Chuckie doesn't seem fazed by the snow at all. Yes, this is his first winter, and he grew a dandy coat for it.