Friday, September 07, 2018

Until next year

The 12-day(!) Oregon State Fair always ends on Labor Day. Brian wanted to see the final concert act, Old Dominion, and managed to get his homework done so we could go one last time. Of course Rick had to be there, issuing health papers, doing final checks on animals he had been treating and/or monitoring, like these miniature Herefords that had been running fevers.

This little boy clearly loved his pet cow – and she didn't seem to mind the attention. 😊

I'm not a fan of Old Dominion, but when I found out that a blogpal was coming for the concert, you couldn't have kept me away!

Ruth and her daughter came from Gold Beach on the southern Oregon Coast, and it was wonderful to get to meet them in person. (Her blog addy is acting up so I can't link to it right now.) We chatted non-stop, leaving the concert early and continuing our conversation while watching a mounted archery demonstration in the horse show arena. Still, we had to part company too soon. Like every meet-up I've had with a blogpal, it was like getting together with an old friend – which of course we are. Like penpals of old, we get well acquainted with people of like interests through blogging, and can form close friendships all over the world!

After the concert Rick and Brian tracked me down. Brian connected with some school friends, so Rick and I just relaxed together for awhile. The dock-diving dogs were doing out-and-back coursing, exuberant over getting to grab and retrieve their dock lures that were suspended over one of the jumps.
An adult marching band called "The Beat Goes On" performed throughout the grounds every single day of the fair this year. We caught glimpses of them before, but that last evening we got to really enjoy them.

I thought they were a great addition to the fair experience, and told one of the standard-bearers that I hope they come back every year. From the crowd they drew, I think a lot of people felt the same way!

That's the final report on the Oregon State Fair from . . .


Michelle said...

Would love to hear what you liked best from my fair reports!

Theresa said...

It was all my favorite since I never can get away to go myself. A pox on fire season!
The little boy with his cow though... :-)

Jeanne said...

Great report! I wish I could've been there. I love fairs!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part had to be meeting ME! LOL Seriously, it was awesome to finally meet you.

Let's see if this link works. if not, it might go through my new, official website,

Mama Pea said...

You gave me a way to find Ruth again! She didn't post for a long time and then somehow I lost her. I've written a note to her on her blog and will keep track of her again now! Thank you for meeting up with her at the fair. :o}

Leigh said...

Looks like a lot of fun. And I love that your fair still has livestock. Our regional fair just has a petting zoo nowadays, and a carnival. But that's about it.