Sunday, September 30, 2018

Tuning in to As the Whisker Twitches

Pretty morning light; nothing to do with the rest of this post

I was going to title this episode "It's a Start!" But after tonight, it has turned into "The Cliffhanger." 😟

Last night when I did my evening chores, Chuckie was frisky. Brian has been teasing him with twine, dragging it around to entice him to chase and pounce like Oreo was fond of doing. So after we had a snuggle session, he moved down a hay bale so he could play with the used twine in the feed sack.

When Brian went to the barn to do his chores a bit later, Chuckie had killed a big, fat MOUSE! Yay, Chuckie! (I'll spare you the gory photo; its mutilated remains were still in the barn this morning.)

Speaking of this morning, when Chuckie and I were in the barn doing chores, a ground squirrel ran from an interior corner towards the open barn door – then took a hard right and ran into the gap between the exterior barn wall and the haystack. Chuckie saw the movement and ran to investigate, but missed the last-second maneuver. I wonder if he's hunter enough to take down ground squirrels; some of them get pretty big!

Tonight we did chores later than usual after going to the Blazers Fan Fest with friends. Although I called and called, Chuckie never appeared. That's a first, and now I'm worried. Hopefully he was just hunting out of earshot; he's rubbed his way into our hearts!

Here are a couple scenes from inside the house this morning. Four of the six buds on my orchid are now open, and my beautiful best buddy still enjoys lap time. 😊

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Mama Pea said...

Hope Chuckie has made an appearance as you read this. Our daughter has an inside/outside cat that once went AWOL for thirteen days. Daughter was sure some animal had had her for lunch . . . literally. But then the little black cat showed up looking none the worse for wear, and didn't choose to say where she'd been! At this stage of the game with Chuckie, I know you'll worry about him at least for a while when he doesn't come running. Who wouldn't?

Retired Knitter said...

Well may fingers are crossed he returns. I love tuxedo cats. My first one was a tuxedo. We lived in the suburbs as a young married couple and we used to let Ashes out when we got home from work. He always returned when I called late at night before bed. He made friends with the apartment neighbors. They knew him as well. One night he didn't return. He was gone for 9 days. He wasn't returning either on is own because one night we got a call from a physician who found him a mile from our house. Ashes was friendly so he brought him into his house. Our name was on his collar - and the phone number - that changed a a month ago and we never updated the collar (bad us- made our number unlisted because of a scam caller). When the doc tried to reach us he couldn't get through. So he told the phone company he was a physician and it was important that he be put through to us. They complied. (The guy loved animals). So we got Ashes back and that was the LAST DAY THAT LITTLE SINKER RAN FREE AFTER WORK. He became an in door cat for the rest of his life. Hahaha. Guess that isn't a choice for your little wanderer. He was 'hired' to do a job and he is confused where his bathroom is! Hoping he figures out where his free meals are and returns.

Michelle said...

He has, Mama Pea! He showed up on the deck at sunrise this morning; I was so glad!

RK, Chuckie was VERY hungry this morning, so getting a full dish of food will hopefully reinforce "home." (I didn't leave his food out last night when he didn't appear so as not to encourage raccoons or visiting cats, both of which have helped themselves to our cat food in the past.)

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad Chuckie was there this morning! And hungry is a good thing, too. It was a smart thing to not leave food outside last night.

Your stories and pictures about Chuckie are such fun to read! Thanks for sharing them.

Your orchid is lovely. Is it a large plant? Our two are small, so they can sit on the windowsill.

Have a great day!

MiniKat said...

Good boy, Chuckie!