Sunday, January 08, 2017

Pretty, ugly

Sorry I missed sharing a treasure yesterday; it was a busy day. When we left for church the roads were dry, but it started snowing while we were in town. We went prepared; I took the car because I was the designated driver for a shut-in that I knew could not get in and out of a pick-up, and Rick took his 4WD F-350 work truck in case he needed to check on a patient – or help me get home. Good thing, too; by the time potluck was over and we headed home, the roads were slick with packed snow and my car lost traction on our hill.

We arrived home to a request for help on our answering machine. So we changed our clothes, piled back in Rick's truck, and drove further up the hill to move firewood to the house for a widow worried about a power outage, and stayed to watch a creation video with her to provide some companionship after a week isolated by the weather.

I finally snapped some photos when we went to the barn last night to do chores; a surprising amount of snow had blown into the barn (can't close the door completely; it's frozen to the ground).

This morning the "silver thaw" started, although at 31°, we had more ice build-up than melt-down most of the day (we didn't get above freezing until well after dark). If you biggify the squirrel shot, you might be able to see the rain blowing in at a 45° angle; the icicles really are slanting in on the left side.
Needless to say, we haven't ventured out except to (carefully) do chores and get firewood. We have had power but only occasional internet connection, so it was a good day for napping,

and picking (the widow offered to let Brian borrow her mandolin and he eagerly took her up on the offer).

Sure hope my guys can get safely down the hill tomorrow morning for school and work, and the farrier can make it UP the hill for the horses' scheduled trims!

Today's treasure are these tiny tracks in the snow by the garage door:

That's it for our wintery weekend weather at . . .


LannieK said...

Stay safe and warm. That's a beautiful red you are knitting. Sweater or cowl? Either would be perfect.

Theresa said...

Beautiful cowl and I'm sure that mandolin is providing some joy. You know how I love tracks in the snow. We have gotten over an inch of rain on top of 3 feet of snow. It's a mess.

Retired Knitter said...

Love them dogs. Especially the bully.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Stay safe and warm. We've been hibernating since Friday night when we got 5 inches of snow. Some of it has melted but we still haven't attempted to get down our hills. They're short but pretty steep. We've been entertained by reading, watching the birds and me sewing.

Susan said...

I love the mandolin! The only good thing about weather like that is that it's so nice to stay in and keep warm. Bless you for looking out for those who don't have anyone.