Monday, April 11, 2016

Time zooms by

I haven't had a chance to compose a post of my weekend at the coast yet (except for a few on my other blog), and here we up and took a quick trip last weekend. Who knows when/if I'll be able to do a "show & tell" about either weekend (there have been a few pix on Instagram); they'll take more time than a quick photo tour of this – what we came home to.

And it's not just the landscaping that's alive with spring. Brian and I saw crows carrying in nesting material over and over again to a tall Douglasfir in our pasture this morning. Until/unless I can capture that, here is photo of one of them taking off:

That's it for now from . . .


LannieK said...

Oh.... what bright and cheery flowers :-) That first one almost matches a shawl I am starting to knit. We awoke to a beautiful spring snow this morning... and fog! I love fog. Thank you for sharing your flowers!

Mary Ann said...

Crows are SO hard to catch!

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