Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tight jeans, rough hands, dirty floors

Sounds like the title of a risque Western, but ya'll know me better than that, right?  ;-)

Life has been hectic, and the light has been lame. After an incredible "June-uary" day last Sabbath, we have been socked in with low clouds/fog. So not only have I had little time for exercise (tight jeans) or housecleaning (dirty floors), there has been nary a sunrise to brighten my mornings or share on my blog. Wood heat is overkill as our temperatures are above average, but the house grows damp and cool without it, so we keep the home fires burning. My cracking fingers and dry hands are suffering from the season as they always do, so I'm hesitant to cast on a new knitting project or start a spinning project.

This morning was the first time all week I was home during the day long enough to turn the ewes out. Loud-mouth Bali has been belly-aching about being cooped up, and the straw we so recently bedded the Sheep Sheraton with is already badly soiled; I'll have to strip it again before lambing.

But when we left homeschool co-op this afternoon, the sun was weakly shining! I drove Brian to his grandma's house for a piano lesson, then headed out for a brisk walk around a nearby park.
The exercise, fresh air, and photographic opportunities were just what body, mind and soul needed. On top of that, we got "dessert" as we drove home!

Feeling refreshed at . . .


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

just popping in to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend coming up...thinking about you often these days in our shared austerity :) The Lord is so good to us...providing all our needs as we draw near to him.
Use Glycerin on your hands...the oils from the wool you play with should be soothing, or does it lend to drying out your skin?
Hugs to you all...Karla

Theresa said...

Michelle, As much as I hate to suggest it since they cost money, get a whole house humidifier. We have two, one upstairs and one down. It has made a world of difference summer included when there is about zero humidity here.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice :-).

Mary Ann said...

Even the bark is beautiful... I've been noticing all the small things more since taking so many photos.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh my, so much fog and moisture!! Well, that's why it looks so lush and beautiful in your pictures! What a price to pay, eh? Have a great day!

farmlady said...

That kind of "dessert" is the kind that will keep the pants from being too tight.. and the walking is really necessary. Our days are beautiful, but I want RAIN. With this kind of weather, there's no excuse not to exercise.
Try O'Keeffe's Working Hand cream for dry, cracked hands. It's great stuff. Comes in a green, round can.