Sunday, January 18, 2015

My weekend in a rain gauge

For the drizzly Pacific Northwest, that's a lot of rain. Most of that fell by yesterday afternoon; at the moment I can see glimpses of blue sky through the clouds. I'm hoping to take advantage of a break in the weather at some point today to ride my pony, even if Kate and I don't have a big enough window to haul our horses to the beach.

Homeschool co-op starts up again this week after a long holiday break; I'm feeling a little panicky about that. I've finally gotten the hang of keeping all my plates spinning – but add another? Just wait for the sound of crashing china.
I told my boss, who is the yearbook co-teacher, that I didn't think I could continue in the co-op with the addition of my job, and she told me "YOU CAN'T QUIT!" (I think that applied to both the co-op and the job.) I told her I might need a raise; heh.

There has been knitting; I got a lot done on Kate's socks while sitting in the ER Thursday night. I really wanted to finish these so she could take them to Johns-Hopkins tomorrow, you know, to wrap her (or at least her feet) in love. That's what we knitters do; the Yarn Harlot expressed this beautifully here. But this is just a short trip for a consultation; there will be more, and the socks will be done.

That's it for now from . . .

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Michelle, for some reason I had you living in Colorado; guess I'm totally off base! Lovely socks and I understand about balancing...I'm not doing such a great job lately of balancing.