Tuesday, April 01, 2014


What a delightful feeling, being lighthearted. It's been awhile!

March was a beast, and the last day of March was like a rabid beast. Good riddance.
Little Blaise is doing well. She is so very refined, and I just love her namesake marking. Her birth fleece is a different style than Jet's and Benny's, and even softer. Marta is a gentle, quiet soul, and her daughter  seems to take after her. They stayed in their lambing jug when I let the others out for their grazing time today. Benny tried to stay with me but I ducked into the fold until he gave up and ran after his mom and brother. But first he had to check out this strange creature in the driveway:
Sweet Jackson; he really does like sheep – he's just had bad experiences with protective mothers! He held very still so Benny could check him out.

In other news, changes are coming to the neighborhood. This was the scene that met me on my way home this afternoon. (Our place is a little further down the lane.) We think the owner, who owns Brooks Winery up the hill, is building a wine-tasting facility. Not thrilled about the increase in traffic that will bring to our little one-lane gravel road. Sigh; so much has changed around here since we bought our place in 1995. Still, I am so thankful for what we have – room to grow things and have animals and raise our son.

Tomorrow, a knitting update!

That's it for now from . . .


2halves said...

That Jackson pic is great! It can be so very hard to be a good dog. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Yay to lighthearted!!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Blaisie is adorable. Love Jackson's expression.

Maureen said...

Such sweet photos; love Blaise and Jackson & Benny. Hope those changes are not destructive to your peace!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on the beautiful EWE lamb. I do love her markings and she looks so sweet and tiny. I know what you mean...I hate seeing 'progress' come to my tiny spot in the road too but appreciate that I can still have a little piece of country to call my own.

Susan said...

What a beautiful little ewe lamb! Ah, changes. They are inevitable, but not always for the best. Hope you are far enough away that the new bustle won't bother your little piece of Heaven.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, Blaise looks so tiny...still delicate... mighty cute! Good for Jackson, to be patient with Benny. The animals pictures are just wonderful.

Look at how green your area is turning!! Pretty lane!

Fiona said...

And Sarai?

All the "popular" ways to make money. Did your neighbor talk to you about the change?, So green is your country though, just beautiful!

Leigh said...

What a sweet, sweet baby! And isn't it interesting how personality seems to be inherited sometimes?

Too bad about the "growth" in your area though. I never did understand why a peaceful status quo can't be a desirable thing.

Michelle said...

Jackson IS a good boy, even if he won't help me herd sheep. ;-)

Thanks, Donna; lambing is a joyous but stressful season!

He was practically holding his breath, Audrey. ;-)

Maureen, the changes have already altered our peace. Jackson can hear the heavy equipment throughout the day, and erupts with barking because he thinks someone has driven up to our house. :-/

I'm trying to focus on the blessings, Tammy.

Susan, we are little farther down the dead-end lane, so at least we shouldn't see an increase in traffic by our house.

Nancy Kay, this is our green season. In the summer when other parts of the country are green, we turn brown.

Fiona, Sarai is still holding out on me. The county did send out a notice of development for input (for which you have to pay handsomely)….

Both of Blaisie's parents have good temperaments, Leigh; I have high hopes for her!