Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Getting to knitting, with difficulty

I have been knitting when I can on two projects, and am really enthused about them both. There's Mr. Brownjeans in handspun yarn from Browning,

and a Romi Hill mystery KAL in some hand-dyed and undyed fingering (sorry; not a great photo).

But you've got to admit that wool is a whole lot cuter ON the hoof!

Today was a beautiful, mild day, so I let Marta and Blaise out with the big boys. Marta had to make sure the coast was clear,

then took her precious treasure out in to the wide, wide world.
I imagine Little Miss will sleep well tonight!

Speaking of treasures, I received one in the mail today which took me completely by surprise. One of my blog followers, Debbie in Canada, sent me this:
Isn't it wonderful? As in, it really does fill me with wonder that someone would create something like this for me; I'm just gobsmacked! (Debbie, how did you even know my address???)

Full of warm fuzzies today at . . .


Pam in FLA said...

ol is indeed much cuter on the lamb, but how lovely that it is the ultimate renewable resource! It is truly amazing the transformation wool can undergo in the knitting..... And amazing the many different forms it can ultimately take, whether sweater or lace, hat or afghan. Besides all that wondrous-ness, you get to know and love and care for kindly souls like Marta and her wee one? Sheep and their wonderful wool is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I think we're at just about exactly the same spot in our kni-a-long lace. Isn't it fun?!? And what a lovely, lovely cross-stitch piece. You deserve it!! I couldn't agree more with Debbie in Canada. You blog is a gift!! Thank you. :-)

Pam in FLA said...

I can spell too, I promise, but it's late here. That first word should have been "Wool." And *geesh!* there are other typos too, but I think I shall take my bleary eyes to bed now. Nite-nite!

Weekend-Windup said...

Wonderful gift from your friend! Good exercise for the goat!

Leigh said...

Marta is such a good mom! And the little embroidered pillow is lovely! Such a special gift.

Sandy Livesay said...

What a beautiful surprise :-)

Unknown said...

Your knitting projects are looking very good! Nearing completion!!

The pictures of the lambs...precious. And I love the photos of mom and lamb too...oh, so cute.

To get such a lovely surprise is certainly a hug of love... and you never know from where it may come. That's what's so inspiring and special about this lovely gesture!

A :-) said...

I love that it says Imbolc :-)

Spinners End Farm said...

Me too! What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I remember a certain surprise I received from you and it still makes me smile ear-to-ear!

Michelle said...

So true about the ultimate renewable resource, Pam! And thank-you for your kind words.

The older lambs just love to stretch their legs, WW, and clamor to get out every day.

She really IS a good mom, Leigh. Today she was keeping the rowdy twins away from her tiny girl.

Yes, it is, Sandy. :-)

Nancy Kay, both projects have a LONG way to go, but I'm enjoying them.

Adrienne, having never seen or heard that word, I wasn't sure WHAT those letters (numbers) meant! Your comment prompted me to look up "Imbolc," so I learned something (a LOT) new!

And you just made ME smile, Ruth. ;-)