Sunday, February 23, 2014

Surviving the weekend

Last Wednesday
This weekend – look at those daffs shooting up!

No challenges from the weather, unless you count cold nights and frosty mornings. Me, I sleep better when it's cold, which is why my bedroom window is always open at least a little at night . . . which led to the weekend's first challenge. At O'dark thirty Sabbath morning, Rick and I were both awakened by a ROOSTER. This has been a rooster-free zone for 18 years  . . . apparently our neighbor (of the free-breeding cats and free-ranging chickens across the lane) decided her girls needed a man. Sigh. Is it wrong to pray for hungry coyotes or raccoons?
Speaking of hungry raccoons, a sad case visited our bird feeder last night. The dogs saw him first, whining and dancing at the deck door to have at him. I flipped on the light, and there was Ol' Bobtail, so called because the striped part of his rear appendage is completely gone. He used to be a frequent visitor but it's been so long since I've seen him I'd forgotten about him! He was moving slowly, the thin, ratty-looking old creature. He didn't scamper off when the light came on; I'm not sure he could have. I left him to fill up on black oil sunflower seeds and creep back into the woods at his leisure.
The second challenge of the weekend is having a PAIR of excited, rambunctious adolescent boys around. =:-O  Brian has been begging to have a friend sleep over, and since we were going to let him stay up last night to watch the Olympics anyway, we figured we'd try it. Last night they were bouncing off the walls; now, fortunately, they are out in the woods at Brian's "campsite." (Oops; just saw smoke rising from the woods. Rick told the boys they couldn't start a fire unless he was there; intervention is in progress.)

I'll leave you with a couple photos I took on our Sabbath afternoon walk around my MIL's neighborhood yesterday, and my final Romilympics performance, bound off last night.

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Anonymous said...

What a full weekend! I'm in one of those crying moods so the little creature story got me going - can barely see my laptop screen! So sad, nature is beautiful but also very tough! Sorry to hear about the rooster! eek! I can't believe how spring-like everything looks! Here we are still buried under feet of snow, and as matter of fact it's snowing right now... oh spring, where for art thou? Love that hat! :D
Beth P

Unknown said...

Glad you survived all the crazy happenings of the weekend. The Rooster thing could be an on-going (challenging) situation.

Cute hat!!!

Kathy said...

We will gladly take any and all rains/snows you all don't want! :)

Michelle said...

I understand, Beth. The older I get, the softer my heart is and the quicker I cry.

Maybe I'm getting used to the crowing, Nancy Kay; I haven't heard him much since that first night. I am, however, shutting my window when I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

I wish I could send you some, Kathy! Are you guys really dry this winter? I haven't seen any news from you in AGES!