Saturday, February 01, 2014

A beautiful day from beginning to end

This morning's sunrise:

The source of the wonderful perfume I can smell at my front door is just around the corner along the north side of our house:
(Not only does sarcacocca smell heavenly, the attractive evergreen shrub grows happily in full shade.)

The view of the valley and the Cascades beyond from our lane, taken coming and going on my horseback ride this afternoon. (If you look closely at the horizon in the second photo, you can see Mt. Hood rising into the clouds; click to biggify.)

As I returned to the house, the late afternoon sun was illuminating the Japanese maples, graceful and colorful even in their winter nakedness:

That's it for the 7th day of this week at . . .


Sandy said...


Your pictures are just totally beautiful.

And those flowers.....omg must smell heavenly.

Laura said...

Thursday, while throwing the ball for the dogs, I glanced off to the northwest. There was Mount Jefferson in all it's snow-capped glory, but there was this bump farther out. I could see Mt. Hood! That's the first time that I've noticed that phenomenon. It was especially clear, which helped!